Spicy IP tidbit:Merck files patent infringement suit against Glenmark‏

Yesterday we had blogged about Glenmark’s brazen move to launch generic version of Merck’s Januvia. As expected, Merck has filed a patent infringement lawsuit agaisnt Glenmark pharmaceuticals in the Delhi high court.Brief details can be accessed here.This will be a case to watch out for sure!It will be interesting to see whether the courts follow the Roche vs Cipla reasoning or have an entirely different take on this altogether.

We will keep you posted!

Madhulika Vishwanathan

Madhulika is a registered Indian patent agent and has completed her Master’s in Pharmacology from the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai. Her interests include issues involving pharmaceutical and biotechnology patent law, regulatory aspects like Hatch Waxman litigation and antitrust law.She is currently working at law firm based out of Memphis, TN.

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