SpicyIP Tidbit: Update on the Indo-EU FTA negotiations

In a welcome development, India has conveyed to EU in its talks that it cannot go beyond the parameters of the TRIPS and its domestic IPR laws during the FTA negotiations. India also expressed its demand to declare India as a data-secure country. We obviously don’t know what exactly transpired at the talks, but prior to the scheduled talks EU had said that they were not asking for anything concerning data exclusivity or patent extension or anything that would impact the generic medicine industry. However, both sides failed to reach a conclusion at Brussels after the talks and have decided to meet again in June. 
Previously, we had blogged(here and here) about the detrimental draft provisions of the Indo-EU FTA and the centre failing to address criticism pouring out from civil society, political parties and domestic industry. While things do look more positive after this round of negotiations especially after the centre finally making some very important assertions to ensure an advantageous FTA, the pace at which the rounds are progressing remains a cause for concern. 
However, reports indicate that EU is still pressing for significant duty cuts in auto, wines and spirits and dairy products, as well as an assurance for facilitating registration of their GIs amongst other demands. If this term is accepted EU products will end up enjoying double benefit, which may severely hurt the domestic industry. 
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