SpicyIP Events: Colloquium on Selected IP Issues, NLU-D

Date : March 19, 2014 - March 19, 2014
Nature : "Early Market Entry of Biosimilars in India: Implications of the Roche/Mylan Dispute”
Location : NLU Delhi
Contact :

nlu d coll biosimilars

NLU Delhi brings us news of an exciting event happening at their campus tomorrow evening – a panel discussion on “Early Market Entry of Biosimilars in India: Implications of the Roche/Mylan Dispute”. Please see the invite attached below:

Colloquium on Selected IP Issues

The NLU Delhi Colloquium on Selected Intellectual Property Issues is a panel/ speakers’ series launched with an aim to generate a nuanced dialogue and to promote free-thinking on emergent issues in IP law, policy and theory. The current IP landscape in India is presenting new challenges on an ever-increasing scale. Delhi is a hub of IP litigation & practice. Hence there is an urgent need to understand this phenomenon and discuss issues surrounding some of the trickiest aspects IP law, policy and practice, including its socio-economic implications. To these ends, we host legal scholars, practitioners and policy specialists from India and abroad to discuss and share new scholarship, views, ideas and experiences.

We are pleased to cordially invite you to participate in the first panel discussion of the colloquium series on the theme “Early Market Entry of Biosimilars in India: Implications of the Roche/Mylan Dispute” to be held on 19th March 2014 (Wednesday).

Short Bio of Panel Discussants:

  • Kalyani Menon-Sen: Kalyani is a Feminist Activist and Writer. She runs the Campaign for Affordable Trastuzumab. The Campaign has filed an intervention petition in the ongoing Roch/Bicon/Mylan case.
  • Anand Grover:  Anand  is the Director of Lawyers Collective. He is a member of the UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV and Human Rights and a Special Rapporteur in the United Nations Human Rights Council. He has represented patients’ associations in several key IP cases having implications on public health.
  • Rajeshwari Hariharan: Rajeshwari is one of India’s top IP litigator with 20 years of legal practice. Prior to setting up Rajeshwari and Associates, she led the patent litigation practice and played a key role in managing and growing the patents team in a reputed and leading law firm in Delhi for 14 years as an equity partner.
  • Adarsh Ramanujan: Adarsh is Principal Associate (IPR Practice) at Lakshmikuran and Shridharan Associates, New Delhi. He holds LL.M from the University of California, Berkeley and LL.B from NLU, Jodhpur. He also teaches as a guest faculty at NLU, Delhi.
  • K. M. Gopakumar : Gopakumar works with the Third World Network’s office in New Delhi. He’s one of India’s leading health activists and has written on several IP issues implicating access to medicines and access to knowledge.
Swaraj Paul Barooah

Swaraj Paul Barooah

Follow @swarajpb Swaraj has a deep interest in IP, Innovation and Information policy, especially when they involve issues relating to Access to Knowledge, Innovation incentive mechanisms, Digital Freedoms, Open Access, Education, Health and Development. After his BA, LLB (hons) from Nalsar Univ of Law, Hyderabad, he went on to do his LLM from UC Berkeley in 2010. He is now pursuing his J.S.D. degree from UC Berkeley where he is focusing on Drug Innovation Policy and Access to Medicines. Aside from SpicyIP, he is also engaged as a consultant on various IP matters, and is a visiting faculty member at Nalsar Univ of Law. He is also in the process of starting up a New Delhi based "IP, Innovation & Information Policy" focused think-tank.


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