Short Questionnaires for Patent Agents and Software Engineers

Mr.  Ravindra Chingale is a Ph.D. research scholar at the  National Law University Delhi and is also a consultant to the Ministry of Law and Justice. He is carrying out research for his project ‘Impact of Patent Law on Software Industry in India’. As a part of his research he wishes to carry out a survey of software companies and he has prepared two short questionnaires for the same.

The first one is a questionnaire for employees in a software company (can be accessed here) and the second one is a questionnaire for patent attorney/agents (here). Or the word document versions of the questionnaires can be downloaded and emailed to Mr. Chingale at [email protected]. (here and here)

Filling in the questionnaires will take only a few minutes but will go a long way in contributing to this interesting and topical research subject. We request those of our readers who are software developers/ engineers/ inventors/patent attorneys/agents to spare a few minutes for the same. Thank you!


Aparajita Lath

Aparajita graduated from the WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. She was formerly an editor of the NUJS Law Review. She is a lawyer based in Bangalore. All views expressed by her on the blog are her personal views.

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