A quick note of appreciation

thank youAs many of you may know, our SpicyIP team consists of a small group of people (currently 7 students, 2 lawyers and 3 academics/policy folks) who take time out of our usual day-to-day activities to write about this area of law that we feel so passionately about. Though we do try, as I’m sure many of you can also appreciate, it is difficult to keep track of all the important developments occurring in the Indian IP scenario – especially, given that for many of us on the team, our “day-jobs” do not involve following IP updates, as such.

In this regard we have been helped a great deal by our readers and well-wishers who make it a point to send us any information that they think may be relevant for the blog. So, we’d just like to put out a very big Thank You to all of you who send us tips, case updates and other relevant information. I’d also like to make a special mention of Mr Shiwprasad Wanve, who has consistently been sending us recent IP decisions. We certainly owe our well-wishers a great deal and are very grateful to them.

On this note, I’d also like to put out a gentle request to our readers, especially the lawyers, to send across / inform us of contemporaneous cases of note whenever possible, even if only the cases that they themselves have worked on. Any tips can be mailed across to me at swaraj.barooah [at] gmail.com and/or also sent anonymously on the contact page here.

Thank you!


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