SpicyIP Tidbit: Supreme court stays Delhi High court injunction restraining Glenmark

In a rather interesting turn of events the Supreme Court bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and          NV Ramana have stayed the Delhi High court order restraining Glenmark from selling Sitagliptin. We had analyzed the Delhi High court injunction order restraining Glenmark in detail over here.

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According to livemint, Merck, resisted the stay of the high court order. However the apex court said that since there had been no stay for a long time, a few more weeks would not affect anything.

The next hearing is set for 28 April.

Watch this space for more!

Hat tip: Thanks to our ever enthusiastic readers BPK and Abhimanyu for bringing this to our attention.

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2 thoughts on “SpicyIP Tidbit: Supreme court stays Delhi High court injunction restraining Glenmark”

  1. As the stay is not is place, is there a chance that Glenmark pumps in more batches of generic product to its distributors in India?

    Currently district court has allowed Glenmark to complete its inventory but not to sale new stock apart from the old inventory with the distributors in India.

    As the case would be taken up by Supreme court on 28th April, it would be interesting to see if Glenmark takes the opportunity and stock the Indian distributors with more and more of its generic product.

    Its just a thought that came to my mind….

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