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INTA to launch a new searchable guide on GIs, Collective and Certification Marks

822_INTA-292x120Come December 2015 and INTA members will have access to a searchable guide to Geographical Indications, Collective and Certification Marks. Titled “Geographical Indications, Certification Marks, and Collective Marks: An International Guide” it was designed to offer members assistance in the above mentioned fields, particularly considering the inconsistencies and lack of uniformity in the law across jurisdictions with regards to GIs. One of the Principal Editors of the guide was Ms. Latha R. Nair (partner at K&S Partners) who in this interview, explained the salient features of the guide, its need and the people it might benefit.

She explains, “[T]he goal of the searchable guide on GIs, certification marks and collective marks is to present to an INTA member, in a structured format, the various options available for the protection of GIs. In the process, the guide traces the treatment meted out to these three concepts by various jurisdictions in a detailed fashion. While the guide is projected primarily as a GI resource, it also traces in detail the treatment of two lesser-known and used trademark concepts, namely, certification marks and collective marks.” A project that began in 2006, this guide is also a one of a kind tool for practitioners as it provides information regarding both the trademark regimes that operate in a particular jurisdiction as well as the sui generis regimes in that jurisdiction.

The guide is designed to be user friendly, searchable and questionnaire based to ensure that it efficiently serves its purpose. Initially covering a total of fifteen jurisdictions, the makers hope to expand the coverage over the course of time. The guide will be launched in December 2015 and will be available on the INTA Members’ resources page.

We commend the INTA for such an initiative and hope that this guide will prove useful to a large number of practitioners.

Thomas J. Vallianeth

Thomas is a final year law student at the National Law University, Jodhpur pursuing a B.Sc. LL.B. (IP Hons.) course. His first exposure to IP law was at a workshop that he attended in High School and ever since then, he has pursued a keen interest in the field. However, his real interests lie in the interfaces between Technology Law and IP, with an active interest in the Open Source movement.

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