Breaking news: IPO rejects Saxagliptin CL application

We’ve received news that the IPO has rejected Lee Pharma’s application for a Compulsory License against AstraZeneca’s patent for the anti-diabetic drug Saxagliptin. We’d covered the story earlier when the application was first filed last year, and again when the Controller of Patents issuedprima facie finding rejecting it in August.

The rejection comes vide an order dated 19 January 2016 from the IPO, which can be found here. I will be posting a detailed analysis of the order (which, like the prima facie notification, largely mirrors our analysis of the grounds of Lee’s application) in an hour or so. This would seem to mark the end of the third compulsory license application in the country, after Natco v. Bayer (Nexavar, successful) and BDR v. BMS (Dasatinib, rejected).

Edit (22/01/2015): Detailed post available here.

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