Update: Two New Notifications Released by the Copyright Office

Last month, I’d reported on the release of two notifications by the Copyright office (see here). By way of those notifications, the Copyright Office had informed us of their intention to publish on their website: (a) a month-wise list of applications filed with the copyright office; and (b) a month-wise list of all entries – including rectifications and corrections – made in the register of copyrights starting from January, 2017. Aside from the rectifications (u/s49) and corrections (u/s 50) made to the register – which I still cannot locate anywhere on the website – all of the other details are duly accessible.

The Copyright Office website now carries two new notifications:

Notification dated 21st September, 2017

This notification communicates the decision to publish a list of applications, in respect of which the work/documents are yet to be received by the office. This information is accessible on the left side of the website, under the heading, “online services” under the tab, “work awaited.” Notably, this tab includes an updated list of applications – with details of applications being updated daily.

According to the notification, the pending work/documents may be filed within 30 days from the date of filing the application with the copyright office. (Emphasis mine)

Notification dated 25th September, 2017

This notification communicates the decision to publish all entries – including corrections and rectifications – made in the register of copyrights, on a monthly basis, for the year of 2016. This information has also been duly published on the website and is accessible upon clicking on the “e-register” tab, available on the bar at the top of the copyright office website.

The Copyright Office appears to be committed to not only increasing transparency and stakeholder participation, but also streamlining the online application process by making things more systematic and structured. This is a welcome development, notwithstanding some of the concerns I’ve highlighted over the course of my posts. We will bring our readers updates, as and when the Copyright Office takes steps to further this commitment.

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