CopyrightX @ Harvard – Applications for 2018 Are Now Open!

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CopyrightX is an online course offered by Harvard University which can offer you a US-centric perspective on copyright law, and has opened applications for its 2018 batch. With a novel course structure and a great community, our readers from both legal and non-legal backgrounds might find this course incredibly meaningful in understanding modern copyright law in the digital age.

CopyX is now accepting applications for the batch of 2018! We have written in detail about the course here, and you can keep reading below for a brief snapshot.

What? – CopyrightX is an online course adminstered by Harvard University. The structure of the course involves specially curated lessons by Prof. William Fisher, and real time classes and discussions by students and researchers at Harvard University. The course involves one final evaluation based on the lessons and discussions.

When? – The course takes place for twelve weeks between January and May. This year, the course will be held between the week beginning January 22 and end the week of April 20, 2018. There are various choices of time slots available to applicants.

Why? – CopyX provides a fascinating insight into US copyright law, whose jurisprudence massively influences our own laws and laws around the world. More importantly, however, the course allows broader discussions with lawyers and non-lawyers on the implications of copyright law. The course is also limited in class strength, to focus on intensive and personalized discussions, and here differs from Massive Open Online Courses, where actual course engagement is limited.

The application request form is available here. More information about the course can be found here. Applications will close on December 11, 2017.


  1. saurabh

    Dear Divij and all other readers,
    have you or anyone out there taken this course ? can anyone share their exp. and review of the course?

  2. Divij Joshi Post author

    Hi Saurabh,

    I personally found the course very interesting. The course materials are top notch and its very well paced for an online course. The discussions and the classroom interactions also ensure you’re on your toes. There is a comprehensive review of the course which we had posted on our blog, here –

    The potential downsides might be that in case you are well versed with copyright law the classroom discussions on law may seem a little slow, as there are several students from non-law backgrounds. However, the classroom discussions and learning the perspectives of people actually involved in the creative industry (librarians and archivists or musicians, etc.) is also fascinating.

  3. Anirudh

    What are the other courses like this one which are for short duration and can be done in one semester?


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