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Divij Joshi is a lawyer and tinkers in technology and policy. He tweets @divijualsuspect.

Data Exclusivity Patent

CoViD-19 Pandemic Spurs Calls for ‘Openness’ in IP

Corona covid 19

The CoViD-19 pandemic may well be humanity’s biggest collective challenge in a post-globalisation era. In the midst of this global emergency, the artificial scarcity produced by international and domestic intellectual property laws and norms is revealing itself to be a scourge to public health systems around the world – from restraining drug research and development to denying access to medical devices. The responses of various stakeholders will certainly have an immediate impact on CoViD-19 related public health responses, but its…

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Copyright Overlaps in IP

Piracy, Privacy and Procurement: What Internet and Software Associations Had to Say About India to the USTR

Following up on Prashant’s detailed coverage of certain commercial associations making representations to the US Trade Representative on its Special 301 Report, I looked into the representations made by prominent software and internet industry associations. Below, I summarise the India-specific recommendations of the following bodies – the Business Software Alliance (BSA), Internet Association and the International Intellectual Property Association (IIPA). India Continues to be a ‘Piracy Priority’ for the Special 301 Lobbies The business associations had little love for India…

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Madras HC: No Right to Demand Mandatory Sharing of Sports Broadcasts Over the Internet

The Madras High Court, in its judgement in Adithya Modi v Union of India and Ors., has refused to mandate Prasar Bharati to stream sports broadcasts shared under the Sports Broadcasting Signals (Mandatory Sharing With Prasar Bharati) Act, 2007 (“Sports Broadcasts Act”) over the internet. Instead, the Court has ‘directed’ the respondents (Ministry of Information, Ministry of Sports and Prasar Bharati) to consider the matter and make appropriate policy recommendations. Background and the Saga of Sports Broadcasting in India The…

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Avnish Bajaj Redux? Supreme Court of India Denies Relief to Google in Criminal Defamation Proceedings

In its judgement in Google India Pvt. Ltd. vs M/s Visakha Industries, delivered on December 10, 2019, the Supreme Court denied to quash defamation proceedings against Google for its failure to expeditiously remove allegedly defamatory material from its ‘Google Group’ service. The case is significant for online intermediaries operating in India, as it holds that online intermediaries may be liable as a ‘publisher’ in criminal defamation proceedings under the Indian Penal Code in certain circumstances. Background Google, the appellant company,…

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Overlaps in IP

WIPO Public Consultation on AI and Intellectual Property

The World Intellectual Property Organisation has called for public comments as part of its process to develop a policy on Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Rights. The call is available here. The call is concurrent with the release of WIPO’s issues paper where it has outlined the following core issues concerning the relationships between AI and IP: (a) Patents (b) Copyright (c) Data (d) Designs (e) Technology Gap and Capacity Building and; (f) Accountability for IP Administrative Decisions. Submissions are…

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Sale of the ‘.org’ Domain Registry Sparks Concerns About Privatisation of the Internet Commons

The administration of the World Wide Web’s ‘.org’ domain registry has been handed over from a non-profit organisation to a private equity organisation, sparking concerns and backlash about the privatization of internet commons and possibly increased censorship owing to the change in the non-profit status of the domain name registrar. Domain name registrars are responsible for the allocation of domain names (the naming system of the world wide web) and also set the policies for acceptable uses of Top Level…

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Bombay High Court Orders ‘Urgent’ Ex-Parte Ad-Interim Applications in IP Matters to be Held in Chambers (Now Revoked)

As per a notice dated November 6, 2019, the Bombay High Court had directed that all urgent mentioning for ex-parte ad-interim applications in IP matters will be held in the chambers of the judge, from November 7, 2019. As per the notice, the matters allowed to be circulated after the in chamber hearing, will be placed on the ‘production list’, which will be heart at 11:00 am on the assigned date. This procedure had been adopted on the directions of…

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Copyright Privacy

CJEU Endorses ‘Notice and Stay Down’ For Illegal Online Content

In a major ruling on October 3, 2019, the CJEU in Case C-18/18 – Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek v Facebook Ireland Limited, held that national courts may direct injunctions against online content-hosting intermediaries like Facebook, which require the intermediary to block the specific content globally, as well as blocking identical or equivalent content or information. This marks a crucial turn in online content regulation in the EU, as it explicitly endorses a ‘notice-and-stay down’ standard for content removal, and endorses upload filters…

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Overlaps in IP Privacy

Just (Let) Google (Do) It: Updates on the Right to Be Forgotten from the European Union

In two significant judgements made on September 24, 2019, the top court of the European Union, the CJEU, has deliberated upon the scope of the delisting and de-indexing requirements (otherwise known as the Right to Be Forgotten (‘RTBF’)) to be followed by search engine operators under the EU’s data protection laws, including the Data Protection Directive as well as the more recent General Data Protection Regulation. In Google v CNIL, the Court has held that EU law does not require…

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40 Days: Remembering and Celebrating Prof. Shamnad Basheer

In several traditions, including those followed by Prof. Shamnad Basheer’s family, the 40th day after passing is a day of remembrance and marks the end of a mourning period. As posts, tributes and celebrations of Prof. Basheer’s life and work have poured in, some of the current and past team members of SpicyIP have written fond remembrances and eulogies, which we are publishing here today. Balu Nair “The last 40 days have made me realize that some wounds are too…

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