SpicyIP Events: CUSAT’s 7th Annual ‘Rethinking Intellectual Property Rights’ Workshop 2020 [Kochi, April 3 – 5, 2020]

We are pleased to announce that Inter University Centre for IPR Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) is organising the seventh annual ‘Rethinking Intellectual Property Rights’ workshop on the theme ‘Role of IPR in the Realm of Sports’ for law students and students of other disciplines interested in this area (under graduates, post graduates and research scholars). The programme is scheduled to be held from April 3 – 5, 2020. For further details, please read the announcement below:

Rethinking Intellectual Property Rights
Seventh Annual Workshop
Theme of 2020: Role of IPR in the Realm of Sports

About the Annual Workshop

Rethinking IPR is an annual National Level Workshop for Law students and students of other disciplines interested in IP research (undergraduate, post graduate and research scholars) organized by the IUCIPRS, CUSAT to initiate critical thinking regarding the role of Intellectual Property Rights in a social context. The pedagogical practice existing among the Law Schools in India predominantly approaches IP from a commercial angle, often ignoring the social implication of IP.

The main objective of Intellectual Property law is to maintain a correct balance between protection of IP and providing access to the public to the modern technology and its benefits. The western approach of looking at IP as a catalyst of development is being followed by our law schools without being interrogated. Our experience with the western approach signifies that it stifles innovation and research and creates barriers in the enjoyment of benefits by the public. The question therefore is, should India imitate the western practices, both statutory and judicial, or whether we should evolve our own jurisprudence of IP reflecting wider questions of national development and the welfare of people.

About the Theme of 2020 : Role of IPR in the Realm of Sports

Sports is no more just a leisure or physical activity. It has developed into a major entertainment source and multimillion-dollar business industry. Multinational companies invest in major sporting events on a wide variety of ways, from sponsoring a national team to broadcasting a major sporting event. Innovation and creativity are key drivers in the world of sport. In every sporting field, inventors and creators are working behind the scenes to push the boundaries, creating new opportunities for enjoyment and for athletes to better their performance. Creators can be given the rights to exclude others from using their inventions or designs or other creations. Today IP is found everywhere to protect the innovators, including sports.

Technological advancements that result in better sporting equipment are protected by Patents. Some countries have provided patent for different sports moves as well. The distinct identity of events, teams and their gear can be a subject matter of Trademark and Design. Copyright-related rights generate the revenues needed for broadcasters to invest in the costly undertaking of broadcasting sports events to fans all over the world.

Many countries have provided a mechanism to protect these innovations in sports through IP, which has become an issue of concern all around the globe. Most important question that we are addressing though the Workshop theme is that, whether there is a need to protect the sports activities through different IP regimes in India. The purpose of the Workshop would be to analyze jurisprudential and fundamental concepts and try to dig out the possible answers to it.


Broader themes are mentioned herein, which are not limited. Students may select any area which fits into the main theme of the Workshop.

1. Sports and Copyright
2. Sports and Patents
3. Sports and Trademarks
4. Sports and Designs

Registration and Selection Process

Law students and students of other disciplines interested in this area (undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars) willing to prepare a paper on any of the sub-themes could apply. The sessions of the workshop are designed in a manner reflecting the concerns of the access to intellectual property goods and the role of competition in facilitating affordable access to the IP goods. Students are urged to prepare papers accordingly so that each session will comprise of two student presentations representing the conflicting interests.

Step 1: Each student is allowed to register by sending an abstract (maximum 300 words) on one or two sub-themes on or before January 31, 2020. Based on the title and abstracts submitted by the students as approved by IUCIPRS, the sub-themes will be allocated to the students. We encourage original single author papers, though joint submissions with a maximum of two authors are also permissible. Selection will be based on the quality of the paper submitted.

Step 2: Intimation for the selection of abstracts will be given on or before February 10, 2020. Selected students would then require to get registered by making the payment of the workshop fee along with the formal registration. Submission of abstracts must be made through e-mail at [email protected].

Step 3: Students would further be required to send the full paper by March 10, 2020. Students shall be asked to revise their paper after 1st and 2nd screening.

Participants are required to register by paying ₹ 2500, which is inclusive of lunch, tea and snacks during the workshop hours. Participants are required to take care of their travel and stay during the days of the workshop. Total number of participants is limited to 35. All participants are expected to take an active role in the workshop.

Awards/ Certificates

Selected papers will be published as seminar proceedings of the workshop.

Contact and Registration Details

For any queries, please contact:


Karishma Birthare, Ph. 9497674656, [email protected]
Bilal A.Nazeer, Ph: 08547082805, [email protected]

Student Coordinators:

Sreenath KP, Ph. 7012059818, [email protected]
Amrutha Murali, Ph. 8089679235, [email protected]

For registration, please visit http://ciprs.cusat.ac.in/.


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