Royzz & Co. Int’l Student Scholarship for IP LL.M. at University of New Hampshire (UNH) Franklin Pierce School of Law [Apply by April 1]

As we’d informed our readers last year, the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property at the University of New Hampshire School of Law (UNH) and Royzz & Co. (erstwhile Solomon & Roy) have partnered to offer a scholarship for prospective international LL.M. students specialising in IP Law. The scholarship applications for the upcoming academic year are due by April 1, 2020. For further details, please read the post below where the recipient of the scholarship for the current academic year writes about the LL.M. programme at UNH School of Law.

Royzz & Co. Scholarship Recipient on Life at Franklin Pierce  

Mohak Rana & Talbot Eckweiler*

Mohak Rana received Royzz & Co.’s first-ever International Student Scholarship for international students admitted to UNH Law’s Intellectual Property (IP) graduate program. Learn more about earning an LL.M. at a Top 5 IP law school! 

Hello and welcome to my journey!

I grew up in the holy town of Haridwar and earned my B.B.A. LL.B. at NMIMS, Mumbai. In 2018, I decided to take the next step in my career. Thanks to the financial support I received at Royzz & Co. that allowed me to pursue my LLM, I’m well-positioned to become an intellectual property rights (IPR) attorney.

Indian Ingenuity and American Experience   

An LLM degree in America can be expensive. It is a serious commitment of time, money, and personal effort. However, scholarships can help offset the costs, and a great education can lead to an exceptional career.

I wanted to study Intellectual Property (IP) because it’s a rapidly developing field in India. Tech startups in India raised a record $11.3 billion this year, and those companies need lawyers to protect and guide their businesses.

India’s startup spirit is strong, and the United States has been a world leader in the IP industry for decades. I wanted to combine the best practices of existing IP law with the new opportunities at home.

An International Name and Global Alumni Network

I did my research and found the perfect fit: University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law. U.S. News and World report has ranked Franklin Pierce in the top 10 for IP since the rankings began nearly 30 years ago. The school currently ranks #5, standing strong with institutions like Stanford, Berkeley, George Washington, and New York University.

Franklin Pierce offers many advantages for someone like me. It has the largest IP library in the Western Hemisphere, an expansive list of IP courses, and an IP faculty comprised of world-renowned scholars.

Additionally, the school’s alumni work in more than 80 countries, many of them in India. Those alumni include:

  • Mahua Roy Chowdhury, founder and principal partner of Royzz & Co.
  • Sumeet Mailk, Director of Eastern Book Company (EBC) Group
  • K.C. Kankanala, Managing Partner and Chief IP attorney at BananaIP

I quickly learned that the name Franklin Pierce carries a lot of weight in the IP field, and I am proud to be associated with this globally-respected institution.

A New Home in New Hampshire

I was thrilled to learn Franklin Pierce also offers a wide range of opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. I have actively participated in various lectures and forums organized by student groups, faculty and centers at the school. These activities help me build my network while I continue learning.

I discovered that Franklin Pierce’s community is about more than academic excellence – people here genuinely come together for social activities. Student groups include the outdoors club, sports club, Student Body Association (SBA), Law Review, sports and entertainment law club, fashion club, and volunteer community engagement programs like ‘Teen Court’ and ‘You be the Lawyer.’

As a Non-JD Governor of SBA and a Teen Court Mentor, I engage in constant decision making and planning processes. The school truly respects every culture, ethnicity, and race. We as a law school family come together to celebrate what matters to each individual. This fall, UNH celebrated Diwali at all its campuses. Even though it was not quite like the celebrations at home, UNH made sure that I did not miss home during the festival.

Franklin Pierce has offered me a holistic higher education experience filled with co-curriculars, community engagement, and cross-cultural inclusivity.

A Cost-Effective Investment in My Future 

Franklin Pierce strives to make its high-quality education accessible and affordable. The school offers substantial scholarships based on both merit and financial need – in addition to the International Student Scholarship offered by Royzz & Co.

I was thrilled to find a comfortable, affordable place to live while I complete my studies. New Hampshire is the #2 state to live, and it offers a substantially lower cost of living than places like California, New York, Singapore or Hong Kong.

Even though New Hampshire is peaceful and affordable, Franklin Pierce’s campus is a short drive to other major U.S. cities – Boston, Massachusetts is only an hour’s drive away!

The school’s generous scholarship packages, coupled with Concord, New Hampshire’s low cost of living and convenient location, makes the school one of the most cost-effective options for an LLM degree in the United States.

 Are You Ready to Join Me?

I am earning a cost-effective degree at one of the top IP law schools in the world, and I’m having fun while doing it!

I am only halfway into my LLM program, but I have already made amazing memories. I regularly receive dinner and party invitations from fellow students, clubs, and faculty. When things are quiet, I enjoy New Hampshire’s beautiful landscape by going for a hike and connecting with nature. When I meet with IP professionals, they are excited to connect with me, because they respect the Franklin Pierce name, or they are graduates of the school.

If you are ready to become a part of the school that is setting the pace for legal education in the information age, then apply today! Franklin Pierce is currently accepting applications for Fall 2020.

I also encourage you to apply for the Royzz & Co. International Student Scholarship. Once you complete your application to an LLM or Master’s program in IP, you can request an application for the International Student Scholarship, contact [email protected]. Scholarship applications are due by April 1, 2020.

For more information on Franklin Pierce’s graduate law degrees, the application process or the International Student Scholarship sponsored by Royzz & Co., reach out to me on WhatsApp at +1-603-513-5300. You can also visit the school’s Graduate Admissions web page.

*Mohak Rana is an LLM in Intellectual Property candidate at UNH, and Talbot Eckweiler is the Assistant Director of Admissions, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law.

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