Online Conclave on ‘Counterfeiting in Covid Times: Medicines, Medical Devices and Accessories’ [June 12]

We’re pleased to inform you that National Association to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (NASCAP) in Association with DPIIT IPR Chair, The WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata is organising an online conclave on ‘Counterfeiting in Covid Times’ with a focus on ‘Medicines, Medical Devices and Accessories’ on 12th June, 2021. For further details, please read the announcement below:

Online Conclave

Counterfeiting in Covid Times: Medicines, Medical Devices and Accessories

12th June 2021 (Saturday) | 6:00 – 7:30 PM (IST)


In the pharmaceutical industry the concept of counterfeiting drugs has always been one of the most dangerous and deceitful risk that is faced by the society. Fake drugs can lead to significant damage in terms of consumer health, economic impact and public trust in healthcare systems, this kind of false medicine may sometimes cause disabilities and death. Due to this kind of availability of illicit, false and substandard drugs on the market may disintegrates trust in the health care system.

With the rise of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which is still ongoing, a “perfect storm” of conditions has emerged in the spread of counterfeit and illegal drugs around the world, resulting in supply chain disruptions, regulatory confusion, and an urgent public need for medical products.. During the pandemic the unconscious and poor public health crisis facing the entire global community, demand for medical solutions has spiked, both in terms of medicines like vaccines or health-related products such as masks and hand sanitizer. However, the pandemic has also created panic in the minds of the masses which again arises in the distribution, delays and confusion for supply chains and regular testing protocols, this all created problems for the people day by day. They are not even able to differentiating between original drugs and counterfeits drugs.  The drugs available in the markets are not cable of handling the disease and this leads to serious counterfeits. The common people are being targeted as due to less distribution of products the Pharmaceuticals companies are selling drugs in higher price to earn in this pandemic.

There are many people during the lock-down period in the health and medical industries who make large profits from counterfeit drugs and medical equipment. One conclusion is that can be drawn from this is that local medicines have undercut sanitizers by making them unnecessary. The common issues are being the oxygen cylinders are sold in black with double money.  In the recent days the covid vaccine are being are illicit as many vaccines are tested to be just water and not medicine. Huge scams are being taken place in the market. This leads to the harassment of the common people, in this pandemic people are dying day by day. It is high time to stop just scam.

This arises infringement of trade mark as many reputed company’s name is being exploited. Pharmaceuticals Company are the industries considered as one of the most life savvier of people. By proper laws and regulation there needs to be protection and safeguards.

The aims of this webinar is to bring together leading Academic, Lawyers, Researchers, Scientist, Doctors and Researcher Scholar to exchange and share their experiences, and research results on all aspects counterfeits. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform to researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the field of counterfeiting medicines, drugs during the pandemic period.


The webinar endeavors to put a stop on counterfeits and sub standards medicines, drugs and other medical equipment’s. Through this webinar will tries to spread awareness among the masses for not be harmed from illicit product and aware of laws for such crimes. The webinar will focus on the development of a professional approach, various case studies on counterfeits products.

The specific objectives of the webinar are: –

  • Misuse of Intellectual Property Rights should be stopped.
  • Information campaigns are urgently needed, as many consumers and patients are not aware of the risks presented by illicit counterfeit and substandard medicines purchased online.
  • The Importance of consolidated global efforts in identifying counterfeit networks, strengthening supply chain and traceability technology to curb counterfeit amid pandemic, mishandling of medicines and addressing the issue of improper vaccine storage and how the pandemic is reshaping brand protection.
  • The main challenges encountered and consider potential future options to tackle illicit trade in the context of COVID-19 or others pandemics.
  • Law enforcement officers (better from IPR Units) detecting and investigating IPR crimes such as sale of counterfeit medical devices (especially face masks, diagnostic self-tests, disposable latex gloves etc.), sanitizers and disinfectants (alcohol based gels, soaps, disinfectant cleaning wipes etc.) and medicines (antiviral, medications for arthritis and malaria, herbal and healing medicaments etc.).
  • Discussion on the possible infringement of intellectual property rights and their relative global regulations.

Registration Details

Date & Time

12th June 2021 (Saturday) | 6.00 PM – 7.30 PM (IST)

Chief Guest, Keynote and Inauguration

Honorable Justice Shripathi Ravindra Bhat, Supreme Court of India

Speakers & Topics of the Event

Sl. No. Speaker Topic
1 Honorable Justice Shripathi Ravindra Bhat, Supreme Court of India Keynote Speech & Inauguration
2 Dr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya, Chairman, NASCAP and Former Director, WIPO Introduction, Context and Goals of the Conclave
3 Mr. Pushpendra Rai, Former Director, WIPO International WIPO Programs to curb Counterfeiting
4 Mr. Graham Clemence (UK) (Alibaba) E-commerce and Counterfeits-magnitude and challenges
5 Rene Bernard, CEO, LuxTag Use of Artificial Technologies and Blockchain to curb counterfeits
6 Antony Taubman, Director, World Trade Organization World Trade Programs to curb Counterfeits
7 Ashish Chang Marbaniang, Partner, K&S Partners. Statutes and Remedies under Indian Laws

Contact Information 

For Enquiries and Details: Kumar Shahswat, Advocate

Email: [email protected]

Cell Number: +91 9718300277

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