SpicyIP Tidbit: Applications open for WIPO’s Young Expert Program

WIPO has started up an interesting looking 2 year “Young Expert Program” for promising candidates that are 35 and younger, with an application due in approximately 2 weeks from now. The program’s landing page states that the deadline is on November 19th. The detailed application page also seems to indicates that the program intends to prioritise candidates from developing and least developed economies. Specifically it states:

WIPO’s Young Experts Program is a brand new initiative, aimed at forging the next generation of intellectual property leaders.  The two-year program hosted at WIPO is designed to expose young people with high potential, particularly from developing and least developed countries, as well as countries in transition, to the technical and policy aspects of IP.  The program aims to gear them up for leadership positions within the innovation and creative ecosystems of their home countries and regions. YEP selectees will enjoy a wide-ranging and cohesive WIPO working experience, focused on on-the-job learning trough a rotational system for exposure to different sectors, focus areas and colleagues. The YEP will also include a structured program of mentoring for each Young Expert as well as regular networking opportunities with top and senior leadership at WIPO.

WIPO expects the Young Experts to bring fresh ideas and experiences to WIPO and, for them to share our values, passion and dedication towards attaining our mission – to lead the development of a balanced and effective international IP system.

This looks like a promising opportunity, so all the very best to interested candidates who apply!

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