Online Course for Patent Agent Exam Preparation [February 5]

We’re pleased to inform our readers that our former blogger, Rajiv Choudhry is offering an online course for preparation for the upcoming Patent Agent exam on 5th February, 2022. For further details, please see the announcement from him below.

Online Course for Patent Agent Exam Preparation [February 5]

It is that time of the year when preparation is going on for the Patent Agent Examination. This time the examination was supposed to be held in 2020 but has now been fixed for May 2022.

To help in preparation for paper II, I had a decade ago conducted a free patent agent exam preparation course focusing on Paper – II (see here). I plan to conduct a similar course for the upcoming exam from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM on 5th February, 2022. The session may be extended to another day (6th February, 2022) if required.

As part of the course pedagogy, two question papers from 2013 and 2016 will be solved and methods to draft claims, specification, and abstract will be discussed. Participants can also send in their solved questions from the years 2013 and 2016 and they will get individual feedback. Apart from this, I will separately send out a drafting template for specification, and a complete patent prosecution file to the registrants on their email address.

I have also recently published a book on Patent Law and Practice that is useful for exam takers. In the book, I have a detailed chapter on patent drafting, replying to office actions as well as solutions to past question papers (Paper I). Unlike other books, I detail why an answer is correct rather than just giving the solution. The book is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

At the time in 2012, the course was free and many people had registered for the course, but ultimately only a few people submitted assignments etc. Given the interest shown, this time I have decided to offer the course online but only to interested participants on payment of fees of ₹250.  The money collected from conducting the course after deducting expenses etc. will go to a charity of my choice. The payment can be made online by clicking on the RazorPay button below:

It is suggested that the interested participants confirm their registration soon as there is an upper limit for the number of registrations. Also comparable courses, and even books on patent drafting start from at least ₹5000.  Questions regarding the registration, course pedagogy, waivers in fees etc. may be addressed to [email protected].

Best wishes to the exam takers!

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5 thoughts on “Online Course for Patent Agent Exam Preparation [February 5]”

  1. Also comparable courses, and even books on patent drafting start from at least ₹5000.
    Very funny. No-one is charging 5000 Rs for 3 hours session, but for 50 hours. Accordingly, your fees also is 5000 Rs

  2. I attended the session on 5.02.2022. The session started from basics of researching for approved Patents on websites of USPTO and European Union. It also included discussion on previous years questions. As a part of the course, various materials to cover the requirement of Patent Agent exam was sent to us on our email aswell.

  3. The session was very useful as it gave insight into the overall patent law practice in various countries. The specific discussion on attempting the patent agent exam with one to one feedback is very helpful.

  4. Vikram Singh Dalal

    The session was insightful, and the nuances of the Indian Patenting system and patent drafting were explained in detail and in a lucid manner. Further, the drafts of complete specification including claims (solutions to question papers of 2013 and 2016) , were reviewed, and personalised and specific comments with regard to submitted drafts were provided, which were also discussed during the session. I have been also provided with the essential and relevant material for the preparation of Patent Agent Exam as well as for practising attorneys/ agents.

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