India raises Voice of Dissent against NAMA deal at Doha.

India is making its presence felt at the NAMA negotiations at Doha. India has cautioned the World Trade Organization that any attempt to push for a deal in the ongoing Doha round of trade talks by holding a ministerial meeting that only addresses selective interests could prove counter productive.

Flexing muscle,’ India has categorically stated that any dialogue to push for a deal in the agriculture and industrial goods without addressing issues related to the services segment would tantamount to total disregard of Indian interests

NAMA does not appear to be level playing ground. !

Many members including India cannot relinquish the leverage on agriculture and NAMA without in turn having an assurance that the issues of our interest will be favourably addressed, said Indias’ negotiator at the WTO.

India would like to ease restrictions in the temporary movement of workers and professionals and secure business flow in the outsourcing mode.

Indias’ stand voiced in the meeting of the trade negotiations committee in Geneva on Thursday gains importance as EU and WTO director General Pascal Lamy are keen on holding a ministerial meeting next month despite little progress in the services sector.

(The Economic Times)


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