SpicyIP Tidbit: WIPO DG post race on, but no Indian running

As WIPO Director General (DG) incumbent Kamal Idris’ controversial second six-year term runs out, the longlist of incoming candidates to head the UN IP agency has been released. Of the 15 governments represented for the post, the candidates include two present WIPO depty DGs: Australia’s Francis Gurry; and France’s Philippe Petit, Reuters reports.

While Gurry is reportedly a strong contender, he has competition in the face of Mauro Masi, who is the Italian delegate for IP, and represents his government in the Board of Governors at the European Patent Office (EPO), ManagingIP reports.

Non-WIPO contenders include Jorge Amigo, director of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property; Masood Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva; and Enrique Manlo, a former chair of WIPO General Assembly. The other nominees are from Bangladesh, Brazil, the Honduras, Japan, Kenya, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, and Slovenia.

It is a very diverse contest indeed, the results of which will emerge in May this year; and insiders portend a tough political battle (see the Reuters report above) after the dispute over Idris’ term, which has had implications on the organisation’s budget as well.

SpicyIP, of course, wonders whatever happened to an Indian participant in the race. We recall an IPWatch article of December 2007 which suggested that Hardeep Singh Puri, former ambassador to Brazil, and then to the UN and the WTO was an informal contender for the post. Where is Mr Puri, we ask, or indeed, anyone from the Indian delegation?

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