SpicyIP ranks at number 8!!!!!

Ladies, Gentlemen & Anonymous Commentators, I am thrilled to announce that SpicyIP has just had its “Slumdog” moment. Gene Quinn of IP Watchdog came out with a list of the top 26 patent blogs and guess what….. SpicyIP was ranked at number 8!!!! The list is based on the ranking from the leading blog search engine – Technorati.com. The Technorati ranking is based on how many blogs link back and obviously quite a few blogs are linking back to SpicyIP. The entire methodology of this survey can be accessed here. The entire list is as follows:

  1. Patently-O
  2. Patent Baristas
  3. IPWatchdog
  4. Against Monopoly
  5. Patently Silly
  6. Chicago IP Litigation Blog
  8. Spicy IP
  9. PLI Patent Practice Center
  10. Duncan Bucknell Company’s IP Think Tank
  11. Patent Prospector
  12. Securing Innovation
  13. Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog
  14. The Invent Blog
  15. Promote the Progress
  16. I/P Updates
  17. IP NewsFlash
  18. Orange Book Blog
  19. The IP Factor
  20. Philip Brooks’ Patent Infringement Updates
  21. Patent Docs
  22. Antiticpate This!
  23. Patent Fools (now operated by IPWatchdog.com)
  24. Patentably Defined
  25. Steve van Dulke’s Patent Blog
  26. IP Spotlight

We’ve passed some other milestones recently, such as our 1000th post and also our 1000th subscriber. Of course we owe all of these encouraging milestones to our dedicated, polite readers who have continued to engage with us, (constructively) criticize us and encourage us. Hopefully we’ll cross many more important milestones this year.


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