SpicyIP Ranked 3rd in List of Top 15 IP Blogs: But Anti-IP?

We are extremely delighted to inform our readers that SpicyIP has been ranked 3rd in a list of top 15 IP blogs published on BuzzFeed last month. The note on SpicyIP reads as follows:


This Indian blog was founded by Prof. Shamnad Basheer in 2005, and is run by analysts and fellows who are dedicated to providing incisive posts in the field of intellectual property rights, with the website being constantly updated with regular posts to reflect the ever-changing world of intellectual property rights
With a great user-interface, the blog is a pleasure to navigate, providing the latest news in the field of IPR in India and around the world, with in-depth analytical pieces as well. The blog also has interesting opinion pieces and posts by experts, breaking down complex concepts, issues and judgments pertaining to intellectual property rights. Further, the blog also contains a space dedicated to career opportunities in the field of IP as well as events such as conferences and workshops.. The blog covers a range of topics- from copyright and patents to trademarks.”

The entire list of top 15 is as follows:

  1. IPWatchdog
  2. IPKat
  3. SpicyIP
  4. Patently-O
  5. Kluwer Copyright Blog
  6. Foss Patents
  7. Trademarkology
  8. Managing IP
  9. IP News Center
  10. Patentology
  11. IP Finance
  12. World IP Review
  13. Afro-IP
  14. IP Tango
  15. China IPR

Recently, we were also listed as one of the best blogs on Banana IP’s list of world’s best IP blogs of 2016. Their generous citation read thus:

SpicyIP is an intellectual property blog from India, which was founded in 2005. The SpicyIP team regularly posts updates, news, events and analytical posts from across Indian and the world. The blog claims to be committed to enriching the public domain by providing free access to IP decisions, laws and regulations, parliamentary reports and other information that is not otherwise accessible.

It’s a rather rare gesture for a competitor to commend another, and we thank them for their grace and generosity.

As an interesting aside, they referred to us as a blog driven by ‘anti-IP’ philosophy while featuring us in their top IP blogs list for 2015. It’s time again to deconstruct this term and find out what it exactly means. Would being ‘pro-IP’ mean supporting patent protection for 100 years, notwithstanding the fact that this endless protection in favour of a monopolist would completely destroy competition and prospective innovation from follow on inventors etc.? An issue, that Prof. Basheer reflects upon here, where he cautioned that rather than pro-IP vs anti-IP (which makes no sense, given that IP is a mere tool to further the end of innovation/creativity), makes more sense to divide up the camps into pro-innovation vs anti-innovation. But then again, who do we label as anti-innovation? Perhaps those that hanker for extended periods of IP protection even when this extension will likely dampen overall innovative output.

We are extremely grateful to our readers for their unrelenting support and encouragement to us, without which we couldn’t have reached here. We hope to perform even better this year. If you have any suggestions for our blog, please do write in to us.

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