SpicyIP Tidbits : Coke formula leaked!

One of the biggest stories of the day has been the leakage of one of the world’s fiercely guided trade secrets- Merchandise X, the formula of coca-cola. While we do not have much details on this as of now, this is definitely going to be one of stories we would love to track!
As reported, an American public radio show claims to have found the recipe kept in an Atlanta
steel vault. It is said, only two employees of the company at a time know how to mix. So much to protect the secrecy that these two never even fly together!!

The broadcasting organization, thisamericanlife claimed that it found the list of ingredients in a 40-year-old newspaper. Apparently the newspaper, named Atlanta Journal-Constitution, had published the photo of a book containing a handwritten replica of the original recipe on February 8, 1979. Interested readers may access it here.

 Coca-cola ltd. is yet to respond to this but we will surely keep tracking the story for you. Till then, enjoy your coke 🙂


  1. Shayonee Dasgupta

    @Anon : I guess such claims have been made every now and then. Some newspaper reports suggest that those are indeed false claims.

    @Satish : The coca-cola website link only talks about presence of alcohol!
    And the second link : I am not too sure if Coca-cola Ltd. endorses it.

  2. patent litigation

    This story illustrates the tenuousness of trade secret IP rights. Although some are starting to view trade secret protection as a viable alternative to patent protection, trade secrets are much more vulnerable — and, once the cat is out of the bag, there is often little recourse for redressing that loss of secrecy. On the other hand, some might say that 40 years (of trade secret protection for Coke) is a pretty good run.


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