DIPP responds to RTI queries on IPAB

The DIPP finally replied to our RTI queries two weeks and has provided us a ton of photocopies of several documents pertaining to the IPAB’s functioning and appointments. The RTIs were filed with an intent to discover the working of the IPAB. If nothing, these replies at the very least provide a fascinating insight into the awesome bureaucratic machinery that we have inherited from the British. There is no doubt that you have to be unbelievably skilled to tackle the web of rules and regulations imposed on the bureaucracy by the bureaucracy. Hats off to those who are able to master the system! Of course there are several cases where logic has taken a back-seat but nevertheless the life of law is not logic but experience. Image from here.

The following documents are now available for download on our website:

(i) All the resumes/applications made by IPAB members to the DIPP prior to their appointment; (available over here)

(ii) The entire personnel files of the following members, including file notings made by the DIPP:

(a) Syed Obaidur Rahaman; (available over here)
(b) S. Usha; (available over here – Part I; Part II)
(c) S. Chandrashekharan; (available over here)
(d) Dr. Raghbir Singh; (available over here – Part I; Part II)
(e) Z.S. Negi. (available over here)

(iii) The complaint made by Ms. S. Usha, Vice-Chairperson of the IPAB, to the Secretary DIPP, against the denial of a hearing room in the Mumbai Patent Office & the Government’s action on that complaint; (available over here)

(iv) The Intellectual Property Appellate Board (Salaries and Allowances payable to, and other terms and conditions of service of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members) Rules, 2003 and Amendment Rules, 2007. (available over here)

(v)Information on the facilities available at the IPAB. (available over here)

(vi)The various covering letters from the DIPP in response to the RTI Applications (available over here).


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