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Latest RCEP IP Chapter leak reveals more cause for worry

Last night, Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) managed to leak yet another updated version of the IP chapter of the secretive RCEP negotiations. The October 2015 version is now available on their site here. We had written on an earlier (June, 2015) draft that KEI had leaked here. As per Wikipedia, this is the 12th round of negotiations, and one more round of negotiation has happened (Feb, 2016) since this Oct 2015 draft. There are an expected 14 rounds scheduled, with the last one in September, 2016. An…

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Guest Post: Translating the Miracle of Marrakesh into Concrete Action – the Journey So Far

As recently announced, we have opened our 4th annual SpicyIP Fellowship series and are now accepting applications. [Click here to see how to apply]. Our first application this year comes from Rahul Bajaj, a very enterprising 4th year student from the University of Nagpur, where he looks at the current status of the Marrakesh Treaty. The Marrakesh Treaty adopted back in July, 2013 by 64 countries, and at the time hailed as a significant step towards increasing accessibility for the print-disabled, has…

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Guest Post: “Martin Shkreli: The Man of the (Pharma) Year 2015”

I’m very happy to bring you a guest post by a dear friend of the blog, Mr Zakir Thomas, on the entrepreneur who ironically may have managed to bring more scrutiny on the out-of-control circus that drug pricing is, than health activists have managed in years of trying! Yes, we’re talking about the infamous Martin Shkreli. Readers may remember that I had voiced a similar sentiment in my piece titled ‘The Good that Martin Shkreli has done“. In this piece, Zakir Thomas takes up…

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Copyright issues in Roche v. Cipla?

It turns out that aside from the myriad patent law issues involved in last week’s Roche v Cipla decision (see Rupali’s posts here: Part 1, Part 2), there may be some copyright considerations as well! It appears that paras 4 to 37 of the judgement are nearly identical to a 2013 note written in the Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property by Shwetasree Majumdar (co-founder of Fidus Law Chambers, also one of our former bloggers) and Eashan Ghosh (of S. Majumdar…

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Guest Post: The National IP Policy which is generic, obvious and lacking in originality

Hot on the heels of the alleged leaked final draft of the National IP Policy that I posted about this morning, Prashant Reddy comes out with a scathing commentary on it. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it! The National IP Policy which is generic, obvious and lacking in originality Author: Prashant Reddy There’s been a mistake. The link that Swaraj provided in his previous post on the alleged final draft of the National IP policy (leaked by another blog) took…

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Final IP Policy draft leaked!

[15/10/2015 Update: As reported by LiveMint — DIPP Secretary Amitabh Kant clarifies that this is not the final policy, only the final draft as submitted by the IP Think Tank. He says that the Government will make the final policy and it’ll be announced in 30-45 days. Presumably this means that internally comments are being made on the final think tank draft. It’ll be interesting to see what changes are made by the Government on this final draft by the…

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Creation of “Linux for Drugs” gets support from Tata Trusts

In what could turn out to be quite a significant development for pharma innovation combined with affordable medicines, Tata Trusts have announced that they will support the creation of the Open Source Pharmaceutical Foundation (OSPF), with operations commencing later this year, under the leadership of Mr Jaykumar Menon, Dr Tanjore Balganesh, Mr Bernard Munos and Dr Mathew Todd. As described, “OSPF seeks to support an alternative comprehensive, open source pharmaceutical innovation model driven by principles of openness, patient needs, and affordability.”…

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Youth Workshop on IP, Public Health and Access to Medicines

The 4th Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest, scheduled to be held from 15-17th December, 2015 at National Law University, Delhi is fast approaching. Interested candidates who haven’t yet sent in their applications to participate are encouraged to do so at the earliest. To coincide with the 4th Global Congress on Intellectual Property and Public Interest, ISID, PHM and Prayas are conducting a four-day post-congress youth workshop on intellectual property, public health and access to medicines. Selected participants will:…

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The good that Martin Shkreli has done

As many of our readers may have heard by now, Martin Shkreli, ex-hedge fund manager and current founder and CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals is currently in the eye of a torrid storm of anger after he increased the price of Daraprim overnight from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill. This 5500% increase came within 2 months of acquiring the rights to the drug from Impax laboratories. Daraprim is a treatment for toxoplasmosis, which affects people whose immune systems have been weakened by chemotherapy,…

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New CRI Guidelines Seem to be a Result of Patent Office Overreach

Troubling times lie ahead for the Indian IT sector as the recently released Guidelines for Examination of Computer Related Inventions seem to have opened the backdoor to software patenting. While the intention of the Patent Office in releasing these Guidelines may have simply been to help foster some clarity and uniformity in patent office practice, the language of the Guidelines paves the way for some unexpected policy changes. Several policy think tanks including iSpirt, Software Freedom Law Centre, Centre for Internet and Society, etc have expressed…

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