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‘Patent Agent Examination’ book released

Sheetal Chopra and Akash Taneja have released their book “Patent Agent Examination” which aims at providing an overview of the patents system. For one to become a registered patent agent in India, one needs to pass the India patent agent examination and this book aims at providing the required study material for taking this examination.

Sheetal Chopra is a registered patent agent who is currently serving as Senior Assistant Director in the IPR Division of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry). She has also previously worked in the IP department of a multinational pharmaceutical company.

Akash Taneja has worked as the Executive Director, FICCI Institute of Intellectual Property Development and is presently posted as the Joint Director General of Foreign Trade in the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. He has also founded the National Intellectual Property Organisation and is a visiting faculty member at numerous reputed academic and training institutes. More details of the book are given below:

Patent Agent Examination

Author(s) : Sheetal Chopra and Akash Taneja

ISBN : 9788180385056

Year : 2009

Format : Hard Cover

Edition : 1st

Price : INR 795.00 / US$ 39.75>


This book aims to provide students as well as professionals an overview of the patents system and relevant study material for qualifying in the Patent Agent Examination. It explains in detail the Indian Patent Act and Rules, licensing agreements and how to draft them, petitions, fees, timelines and forms. Besides, the book contains model answers to previous years’ question papers and tips on the viva voce, which is the final frontier. Students should be well versed with the Indian Patent Act and Rules to qualify in the Patent Agent Examination; therefore, all Sections and Rules have been explained simply and in a consolidated table, and the model answers to the previous years’ questions given in the book have been drafted in consultation with patent law experts. The book will be an immensely valuable resource to both professional Patent Agents and those who aspire to make a career in the complex but fascinating world of patents.



  1. AvatarSurya Kiran

    I think this book’s gonna sell like hot cakes. But its not that difficult to crack the PA exam, hardly takes a week’s preparation, i dunno why these non-lawyer patent agents make such a huge deal about it. After all its just a qualifying examination, not a competitive exam. All one needs to score is just about 60% to qualify. Rs.795 for a book on the exam is just atrocious!

  2. AvatarAnonymous

    Dear Mr. Kiran,

    I am feeling very sad to see such comments coming from intelligent person like you. I am believing you to be intelligent because you needed only week’s preperation to crack the exam.

    I am a currently serving in R&D Division of pharma company as a scientist. I tried twice to crack the exam but could not qualify. This is primarily because I do not have experience of working in IP field. I have gone through the book and found that the author has cited so many examples which make the entire concept very clear. Moreover, I have observed that this book is very important for those also who are aspiring to get into the career of Patents.

    This book even empowers the independent inventors with adequate skills to protect his invention on his own capacity.

    On to the price of the book: Let me inform you that there are courses being run on Patent Agent Examination where people are charging a bomb. They are charging somewhere around 25,000 to prepare candidates for this exams. Now any smart person would purchase the book worth Rs. 795/- only in place of wasting Rs. 25,000/-. Atleast Industry professionals like me, who do not have such huge funds to enroll in the courses offered, this book is very useful.

    On to your comments on Non-lawyer patent agent: I think you are unnecessary under-estimating the entire community of patent agents. If some lawyer patent agent had written this book then he would have surely made the subject matter more complex and difficult to understand by making use of his legal terminologies.

    Keeping in view the kind of effort being put by author, I would infact say that the book is priced so less. Even if you think the price of book is high then let me tell you that branded products are always sold at higher price because of the quality associated to them.

    Pls. don’t mind if I say that it is human nature that we cannot easily appreciate someone’s efforts. To the contrary, we must all join together to applaud the authors for their extraordinary efforts.

  3. AvatarDr. P R Narayanan

    Dear Mr./Ms. Anonymous,

    Very well said. You mentioned that “This book even empowers the independent inventors with adequate skills to protect his invention on his own capacity”.

    Let me share with you my exeprience. I am an independent inventor. I went to renowed Law firms and requested them to protect my invention in India. They asked me to submit such a huge amount merely for prosecuting the patent application. I even mentioned to them that I dont have such a huge amount and would pay them the rest upon commercialization of invention. In a very rude manner they asked me to leave the office.

    I struggled for 0ne year and was badly harrased. Few days back I read this book on “Patent Agent Examination” and found that entire procedure of prosecuting patent application along with samples of Forms has been given in a very simple and easy manner. Now, you would be delighted to know that this book has really equipped me well and now I am prosecuting my patent application on my own at the patent office. Also, the officials are cooperating with me a lot.

    I thank the authors for coming up with this book which is like a God’s gift for independent inventors like me.

    By purchasing this book I have been able to save half a lakh of rupees.

    Dr. P R Narayanan

  4. Avatarshubhangi

    Shamnad Sir,

    I completed my BA followed by LLB.
    Someone said that I cannot take Patent Agent Examination. Is it right?


  5. AvatarAnonymous

    Two days back, I was carrying out internet search on Indian Patent Agent Examination when Google showed me the link to your blog.

    I must say that I was lucky to have done this search and came across your blog and about this book.

    The contents of the blogs are really well researched.

    Regarding the Patent Agent Examination book, I have noticed that inventors have been able to initiate protection of their invention on their own by reading this book.

    I am interested in understanding the Indian Patent Act. I am trying to find out the place from where I can get the book. You are requested to pls. inform the place from where this book can be purchased. Your help in this regard would be great for those who are in search of this book.

  6. AvatarAnonymous

    Hi Shubhangi,

    For a person to be registered as a patent agent he needs to have a degree in science or technology and also qualify the patent agent exam.
    So a degree in commerce, arts + law wont do.

  7. AvatarPatents

    Hi! All,
    I am a Registered Patent Agent having 3 years working experience in filing and prosecution of Biotech/Life science Patent.

    After leaving a Law Firm, presently I am looking for a job opportunity in the are of Patent filing, prosecution and prio-art search.

    Could anyone help me out…

    I thank you in advance.

  8. AvatarSandeep

    Boss, No particular preparation is needed to qualify the exam. Mr. Kiran very well said that it can be cracked with just a week’s prep if you are practising professional.

    If someone feels that it is difficult to do that, its his/her own thought. I am a practising professional working in the field since 2004, I believe its not just about being a patent agent. It is about being a knowledgeable patent agent, as you know the patent office is accused of producting poor quality patents and now poor quality patent agents as well. Please refer to the wallstreet journel and other blogs for this.

  9. AvatarAnonymous

    There is no need to create such a hue and cry about the Patent Agent Exam. The aspirants can do their own research and prepare for the exam. Further, the book referred to here has been there for a long time now, so what’s the point in beating drums for same book.

  10. AvatarImdad

    I agree with Surya Kiran,

    We can crack the PA in a short period of time, all we need is talent how to crack.

    Also, I agrre with Anonymous and Dr. Narayanan…..rather than going to any fradulent patent agent, they can try on their own with the guidance of the book. Definately, it will help the inventors to save that huge cost.

    @ Patents, are you from chemical background? seems your profile may be suiting of a opening i heared…just get me!

    Is there any training centers or individual professionals who can train our recently joined patent engineers?


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