Romanticising Innovation and Showcasing Reality

Readers may recollect an old and favourite theme of mine, “Romanticising Innovation”. The basic idea being that notwithstanding our highly politicised debates around patents, we ought not to lose our focus on innovation. In fact, we must actively romanticise innovation and creativity. This is likely to yield far better dividends than continuously barking up the “patents” tree.

I elaborate on this aspect in an article in a FICCI newsletter, touching on the movie 3 Idiots, grassroots innovation and utility models. I also touched upon the need to romanticise innovation at a WIPO-FICCI conference last year and suggested the production of a movie/TV show centred around innovation (both during the presentation and in my meeting with the WIPO DG, Dr Gurry).

The National Innovation Council (NIC) is now proposing a reality TV show on this theme. The Times of India reports:

“Taking a cue from the Bollywood blockbuster “3 Idiots”, India seems to have woken up to the need for encouraging innovation at the grassroot level.

Plans are afoot to launch a reality TV show to identify innovative minds, who can come up with fresh ideas to solve problems of masses.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has formed the National Innovation Council (NIC), headed by technocrat Sam Pitroda, that aims to energize innovation initiatives to help reduce poverty, improve governance and make development more inclusive.

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who is the member of the NIC, has mooted the idea of launching a reality show on small screen that would provide an ideal platform for people to showcase their innovative ideas and spread awareness.”


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4 thoughts on “Romanticising Innovation and Showcasing Reality”

  1. Shamnad,

    There is already a program on this format on Australian TV.

    We get some state run Australian channel on cable here and I actually like the innovations shown by the ‘common’ man and they being judged by a panel of lawyers/ industry folks.

    Additionally, I recall there was another program on Star TV (back when Star plus and World were all one)- where children would come and show what they had invented… very neat and some were very good ‘inventions’.


  2. Thanks GenericIP:

    A lot many countries have such programs on innovation/new business ideas. In fact, the arab world also jumped onto this bandwagon in 2009 (

    High time that India did something in this direction too by putting innovation right in the center of the public eye and ensuring that it is a mantra chanted by many….apart from reality TV, we need to seriously think of a good Bollywood movie that revolves around a serial innovator and makes innovation look cool…(much like the Intel ad where the inventor of the USB is the real hero)

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