Legalsutra is here!

Legalsutra is yet another wonderful effort from Mr. Arjun Sheoran of the Lawkhoj fame. Congratulations Mr. Sheoran! Let’s hear what Arjun has to say about Legalsutra:

Legalsutra, a non profit – non commercial venture, is a free legal knowledge and document repository. The repository not only includes variety of academic papers/projects but also archives moot memorials and class notes, which otherwise go waste and unacknowledged.

In order to encourage academic writing and interaction amongst law students pan India, Legalsutra   gives students the option to comment, share, rate and upload their papers. By virtue of content being user generated, it gives the user greater freedom to collaborate and interact with their peers.
Keeping with the spirit of free access to knowledge, Legalsutra also provides for several research tools such as search engines   created solely for legal research and links which not only cover Indian legal resources ; but also covers foreign legal resources.

 Legalsutra  was created with the belief that a common platform to share knowledge and research would lead to better access to legal education and improvement in the standards of academic writing. Legalsutra  is modelled on the principle that access to education and legal research resources should not be restricted to certain law schools/colleges but must be easily available to each law student with a quest for knowledge.

Legalsutra  understands the growing menace of plagiarism and the impact it has on the legal writing. As clear stated on the site, Legalsutra  strongly condemns and discourages plagiarism. The site is, uniquely, designed to prevent plagiarism and a simple plagiarism check or an internet search would indicate if any work has been plagiarised from Legalsutra .

Help us by doing your bit to make this a success!”

We here at SpicyIP wish all the best to Mr.Sheoran.

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  1. Emil A. Georgiev


    I recently added your blog to my RSS subscriptions and just read this post.

    Thanks for sharing and, what a brilliant idea of Mr Sherouan! That’s the way information flaw should work nowadays.

    Legalsutra may fit good to my needs since I am occasionally required to work with Indian companies demanding choice of law and forum in India.

  2. Arjun Sheoran

    Thank you Shayonee for the post :).

    And thanks a lot Krishna and Emil. We want to bridge the legal knowledge gap between law students, and I hope we will have your constant support in doing so!

  3. Raja Selvam

    I envy these law students. When we were studying law and preparing for moots we did not have a single source to research and were at the liberty of the British Council and other libraries. As always photocopying was an expensive affair. Thanks to Mr.Sherouan for making every legal researchers dreams come true. Good luck Sir.


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