Tidbit: Patent agent exam will happen before December 2016

Our patent office in a recent posting on its home page, informed users that the patent agent examination is likely to be held before December 2016 and detailed information would be published on the official website after finalization of certain matters.

This office has been receiving frequent queries regarding plan of conducting Patent Agent Examination. In this regard, it is clarified that same is likely to be held before December, 2016. Detail information regarding same will be published on official website after finalization of schedules and other official requirements (19 July, 2016)

This was long overdue as the last examination was held in 2013.  See our post on it here.

In 2012, I had created a website to help people prepare for Part II of the patent agent examination. Some of you have been writing to me to enable access to it individually.  Please note that the site is available for all without any permissions required.  The site is:

We wish all candidates the best of luck in the preparation of, and taking the upcoming examination.


Rajiv Kr. Choudhry

Rajiv Kr. Choudhry

Rajiv did his engineering from Nagpur University in 2000 in electronics design technology. He has completed his LL.B. from Delhi University, Law Center II in 2006, while working as an engineer at ST Microelectronics in NOIDA. After his LL.B., he went on to The George Washington Univeristy, Washington DC to do his LL.M. in 2007. After his LL.M., he has worked in the US at a prestigious IP law firm based out of Philadelphia. Till 2014, he was Of-Counsel to a Noida based IP law firm where he specialized in advising clients on wireless, telecommunication, and high technology. Rajiv is a co-founder of RHA Legal, a New Delhi based law firm specializing in IP law, with a focus on high - technology, and patent law. His core IP interest areas are the intersection of technology and IP, Indian IP policy, innovation, and telecommunications patents. He is also an inventor with pending applications in machine-to-machine communications domain (WO2015029061).

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    I have an experience of ten years in the field of intellectual property. I want to pursue LLB. But I cannot go to University or college to attend classes due to some personal reasons. Please let me know if LLB from University of London providing distance education course on LLB would be valid? Also any other University whose LLB is recognized?


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