SpicyIP Welcomes Its First ‘Scholar in Practice’

We are thrilled to announce that SpicyIP is introducing a new position on the blog called ‘Scholar in Practice’. These scholars will be exemplary lawyers and thought leaders who are actively engaged in the practice of IP law and who will therefore lend a bit more of the practitioner perspective to the blog. As many of you know, the core team of the blog comprises mainly academics, researchers and students. We are therefore opening up this position to infuse more practitioner perspectives on the blog.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve selected Harshavardhan Ganesan as our very first “Scholar in Practice”. He’s guest blogged quite extensively for us in the past (see here and here).

Harsha is a peripatetic lawyer. He finished his law school from ILS Law College, Pune, where he was awarded the Best Student Award for the Class of 2015. He then went on to finish his LLM from the University of California Berkeley, with a specialization in Intellectual Property and Technology Law. A self-described Rawlsian, he has some pretty strong views regarding, inter alia: using Open Access as a weapon of the counter culture (Rage against the Machine!), Art and Cultural Property Law (#GivebacktheKohinoor), TK, James Boyle’s Internet Threat (His book on the Public Domain is a must read), and Robert Merges’ Mid-level Principles (The best Professor to grace Boalt Hall, period.) Dank memes are welcome. He can be contacted at [email protected] or on Twitter: @harshgana28.

If any of you are interested in taking up a similar position with SpicyIP, please do let us know. Please note that the threshold is quite high and we want to take in only those with a unique IP perspective and those with excellent writing skills. Scholars in Practice will also be expected to write regularly each month and also help with mentoring some of our younger fellows on the blog by reviewing their posts etc. So please apply only if you are serious about this and can commit the time. Please join us in congratulating Harsha. And we look forward to more of you joining us!


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7 thoughts on “SpicyIP Welcomes Its First ‘Scholar in Practice’”

  1. IP enthusiast

    I have talked to this man in person and was awed with his opinions in the very first conversation itself. One more reason to browse through Spicy IP during office’s hectic work hours.
    Congratulation Harshavardhan! looking forward to some mind boggling posts from you.

  2. Welcome on board Harshvardhan Ganeshan! awaiting few insights from you on practical IP/Copyright practices

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