Prarthana Patnaik

Prarthana Patnaik is a final year law student at National Law University Odisha. Her main interests lie in copyright, open access and technology laws. She can be reached for queries and topic suggestions at [email protected]

Patent Traditional Knowledge

The Himachal Pradesh High Court Revokes Patent Grant Invoking Section 3(p)

Earlier (quite a few years ago!), Prashant had reported a 2008 order of the Himachal Pradesh High Court, wherein the Court had examined the validity of the Patent No. 195917, a patent granted to the plaintiffs for a “device used for manually hauling agricultural produce”, on the basis of its alleged similarities to a traditional handicraft called “kilta” (an-all-purpose bamboo basket used to carry any type of load, supported by a rope and tied to the forehead). In this case,…

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Geographical Indication Trademark

Australia’s Big Win at the WTO: Plain Packaging of Tobacco Likely to Pick Up!

In 2012, Australia was the first country to adopt plain packaging measures for tobacco products. Several countries such as France, Ireland, UK etc. followed suit and other countries such as India have initiated legislative processes for introduction of such measures. Plain packaging laws and measures generally impose requirements of removal of logos, minimal branding and colouring, and warning signs. These laws have attracted a lot of debate in recent times since opponents of these laws (mainly tobacco producers) claim that…

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Overlaps in IP Patent

India Breaks the Patents-Customs Linkage a Bit!

The IP-customs linkage has always been a contentious one. Particularly so in the case of patents, an area of law which is difficult enough to decipher for trained judges, much less customs officials (more often than not generalist bureaucrats appointed by the Government of India). Given this problematic linkage, it is heartening to note that vide a recent notification dated 22nd June, 2018, issued by the Central Government, the linkage between patents and customs has effectively been broken (a bit)….

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Copyright Overlaps in IP

Article 13 of the Controversial EU Copyright Directive

The Internet as you know and love may change. The vote’s out! On 20th June, 2018, the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee (JURI) voted to approve amendments to Articles 11 and 13 of the EU Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market. These Articles have drawn the ire of many since they require internet platforms to monitor copyrighted material uploaded on their platforms and to pay fees to news companies before linking their content. In this post, I’ll be solely…

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SpicyIP Weekly Review (June 18-24)

This week, we had a post by Prashant, which forms the latest update on the ongoing debate about the Bedaquiline issue. (Previous SpicyIP posts on this issue by Prashant and Balaji can be accessed here.). In his latest post, Prashant responded to Anand Grover’s take on his views and disagreed with him on multiple aspects. He countered Grover’s argument on increasing access to bedaquiline by questioning the decision of Indian authorities to approve this drug when Phase III trials are…

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Innovation Patent

Patenting Blockchain Services in USA and India

Blockchain, initially introduced as a part of the Bitcoin currency, has now proven to be the new game-changer technology in several industries, with big corporations using it for various customer-friendly services such as cross-border payment systems, electronic shipping platforms, portable health records etc. Blockchains act as databases that store records for every transaction conducted and which are distributed, indestructible, decentralized, peer-to-peer and independently verifiable in nature. Controversies arise, however, when companies seek to patent their blockchain based services. Blockchain patents…

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