“Patent Agent Examination” Book Released

After a successful journey of the 1st edition, Sheetal Chopra and Akash Taneja have released the 2nd edition of their book “Patent Agent Examination,” which aims at providing an overview of the challenging new framework of the 2010 Patent Agent Examination.
The book provides students as well as professionals the relevant study material, which is needed for succeeding the Patent Agent Examination. It explains in detail the Patent Act and Rules; and provides various examples of drafting of specifications from given claims and background, as well as examples relating to drafting of claims from certain given specifications.
The law related to patents, which is the Indian Patents Act and Rules, has been updated with the latest statutory amendments in the book and all sections and rules have been explained simply and in a consolidated table.

What’s new in the 2nd edition:
(i) Model answers to year 2010 Q papers have been included
(ii) Various case studies have been updated
(iii) Book has been made more reader friendly
(iv) Text has been updated with the latest statistics
(v) Appendix A contains a quick reference table citing relevant sections, rules and time lines which can be used handy material during the preparation for examination.

About the Author(s):
Sheetal Chopra, a Registered Patent Agent, presently heads the activities of the Intellectual Property Rights Division, FICCI, besides leading the activities of FICCI-MSME IPR Facilitation Centre.

Akash Taneja, Ph.D, Joint Director-General of Foreign Trade in the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, is also a civil servant. He was the Executive Director, FICCI Institute of Intellectual Property Development and founded NIPO (National Intellectual Property Organisation), a voluntary organisation set up for the protection, promotion, and development of intellectual property.

More details of the book are given below:
Author(s): Sheetal Chopra and Akash Taneja
ISBN: 978-81-8038-551-3
Year: 2010
Format: Hard Cover
Edition: 2nd Edition
Price: INR 1195.00 / US$ 59.75


  1. AvatarAnonymous

    I am sorry to say that I have purchased last edition for Rs. 800 approx. However, the book was not worth its cost. The book was just a copy and paste of Patent Manual. There were solved problems of previous patent agent examinations and I don’ think that the price of 800 justifies for that alone.

    Now the price is 1195. I am not sure what is included in this book apart from the previous edition. I sincerely hope the increase in price is solely not related to inflation.

  2. AvatarAnonymous

    I do not think that the book is worth buying. 1st edition to me was a disaster as 70 % of its stuff were copied from the bare act. Only solved papers would have been of some help to candidates. Better to interpret bare act and learn Indian practice discussing with an experienced professional to develop understanding.

  3. AvatarAnonymous

    i agree with the comments. the book is worthless and could do hardly any benifit to reader except those who don’t know about the abc of patent law. its better to take help from patent mannual and bare Act. I think last year i wasted my money by puchasing this book…

  4. AvatarAnonymous

    i would rather diagree with the comments. I must confess that after going through the book lot of my concepts got cleared. I must thank the authors for this wornderful book and congratulate them for 2nd edition.

  5. Avatarjhanvi

    extremely good book I would say. This is the only book which is available for aspiring patent agents which not only provides solution to previous year question papers but also in simple words explains and interprets the bare act provisions. For a person like me who always slept while going through the bare Act, this book has done wonders.

    I wish all the best to authors for the 2nd edition which now also includes answers to 2008 an 2010 Question papers.

  6. Avatarsmitha

    I do not understand how can such a good book can ever be criticised. This book has not only helped me in preparing for agent examination but also in better understanding of my day today work.

    Can publisher print the supplementary copies containing the revisions made in 2nd edition? This will give choice to the purchaser to either purchase the 2nd edition or only the supplementary copies in case they are already in possession of 1st edition. This will help in addressing the pricing issue also which some people are making hype about.

  7. AvatarPranesh

    1.I hope the 2nd edition includes the revised Draft Manual of Patent Practice & Procedures.

    2. What the 1st edition lacks is an Index for the Sections,Rules, Forms and topics. This makes it very difficult to quickly locate any information one wants for e.g. what section 17 is about. The Index should give multiple page no.s where the info is located.

    3.While flowcharts are easy to understand the procedures, these should also include the section, rule, form no.s + fees as given in running text. This will help quick grasp/refreshing of the topic.

    4. A supplementary edition with just the revisions at a lower cost will greatly help owners of the 1st edition, without having to pay twice for the unchanged part!

  8. AvatarAnonymous

    Anybody seen Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney’s patent agent books. The seems to be a set of book with one book for paten drafting. I could not find any patent drafting part in Sheetal Chopra and I m not able to find any other book related to indain patent drafting in market or online.

  9. Avataryunus

    this book is worthless…it is simply a copy- paste of different kinds of pdf’s which can be downloaded easily online…if you download those pfd’s u hardly need to investless than Rs. 500/-…Even plz dont rely completely on answers of previous year soled papers becoz many of answers are wrong..but I must say it may be helpful to those people who dont have access to internet or who live in rural India.


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