SpicyIP Poll: Viva or No Viva for Patent Agent Exam & IIT-M’s Internship Opportunity for 2017 Exam Aspirants

In our last post on the patent agent exam, we had questioned the credibility of the recently released viva scores and revived the controversy over the constitutionality of the viva exam. We have now initiated an opinion poll on this controversy and would like to know our readers’ views on whether viva voce should be a part of the patent agent exam or not. Those of you who are of the opinion that it should form part of the exam, please tell us whether you think that it should carry a weightage of 20% of the total marks, as it presently does or should its weightage be reduced to 10%.

Also, those of you who aspire to take the next patent agent exam, we are happy to bring to you an excellent internship opportunity being offered at the IPM Cell of IIT Madras. The details of it are as follows:

IIT Madras along with the IPR Chair at IIT Madras is inviting applications from candidates who are planning to take the Patent Agent Examination in 2017 and have a degree in science/technology . The selected candidates will be offered patent related work/training at the IPM Cell, IIT Madras which will help them in their preparation for the exam and will also be remunerated appropriately They will work at the IPM Cell from January 2017 to December 2017.

Interested candidates may send their application along with their current Curriculum Vitae at [email protected] (only) with ‘Internship: Patent Agent Exam 2017 as the ‘Subject’ of the e-mail by 25th January, 2017. Preference will be given to candidates:

  1. With a Masters in Science or Bachelors in Engineering/Technology, with a First class or a CGPA of 6.5 and above.
  2. Who have taken the Patent Agent Examination 2016.
  3. With prior work experience in Intellectual Property.

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