Welcoming our Second SpicyIP Fellow This Year

ritvik shotAfter Rahul Bajaj, I have great pleasure in welcoming our second SpicyIP fellow for this year: Ritvik Kulkarni. We picked him based on the commendable quality of his writings and analysis, evidenced in these posts here, here and here.

Ritvik is a 4th year student reading law at the ILS Law College, Pune. His interest in IP began when he chose a copyright case for the Novice Intra-College Moot. It has only risen ever since.

In 2015, Ritvik became the student-coordinator for the ILS Intellectual Property Rights Cell and also founded an IP-based blog. He takes keen interest in the interdisciplinary study of IP. Ritvik is a huge movie and TV series buff. He enjoys great food and loves to experiment with new cuisines and explore amazing eateries. You can discuss Game of Thrones theories and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. gags with him at [email protected].


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