Hear from our Fellows 2017-18!

Wondering if it’s worth applying for the SpicyIP Fellowship? Hear from our current batch of Fellows on their experience so far. Their words are sure to dispel all your doubts. Here’s what they’ve to say:

Divij Joshi

The SpicyIP fellowship experience has genuinely been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences I’ve had. From staying up all night to finish a breaking story on internet shutdowns to spending days learning about complex jurisdictional issues under the trademark act, the fellowship has been a real-time crash course in IP law and has expanded my horizons in countless ways. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone interested in this field to consider applying for the fellowship to learn and grow with a great group of mentors and one of the best legal platforms in the country.

Sreyoshi Guha

When I applied for the SpicyIP fellowship last year, I was merely trying to get myself into a sort of routine. Essentially, I just wanted to be involved with something that would keep me abreast with latest developments in IP law, while also in the (hopefully more frequent) habit of research and writing. Interestingly, though, this fellowship has blossomed into way more than that. Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity of having this brilliant platform on which to put out my thoughts and opinions, and the freedom to do so in a way that is entirely my own; I’ve been mentored by people in the discipline who are entirely at the top of their game; and I’ve discovered incredible things about myself – specifically an insane typing speed when the deadlines are nearing and/or my quota isn’t complete! The fellowship has been a lot of things – hectic, driven, fun, creative, and inspiring – but more than anything it has served as an experience that will be close to me in all the years to come. As an IP nerd, I see SpicyIP as having the potential to mould the IP space in India into something resembling extraordinary, and it has been (and will hopefully continue to be) a privilege to be able to contribute to it in whatever small way possible.

Prateek Surisetti

If you are passionate about IP, I suppose taking the Fellowship up would be a natural choice. But even if IP doesn’t exactly make your heart skip a beat, I would still strongly urge you to embrace the opportunity for the sheer improvement it could cause in your writing quality, efficiency, professional networks and most importantly, discipline. 
Back when I started writing for SpicyIP, in Year II, I was neither interested in IP nor law as a subject. I was merely looking for a productive expense of my time, which was otherwise spent in largely unproductive endeavours. After the Fellowship, I still am unsure about “Plan A” (As some would term it), but the Fellowship has undoubtedly gotten me closer to the person I wish to be. The pressure to meet the monthly requirement of posts helped me develop attributes such as time management, efficiency and generally be more disciplined. Hence, I would urge all students (especially junior batches, including Ist Years) to strongly consider applying even if they are unsure about their interest in IP, as the Fellowship also builds qualities which are useful across fields.  
Lastly, the team is nice to work with and are quite reasonable with their expectations. 

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The applications for the 6th SpicyIP Fellowship are now open and will close on February 28, 2018. This year, we are also looking for at least two (2) Research Fellows who will be required to provide high-quality research as well as writing assistance for various initiatives undertaken by SpicyIP with the aim of fostering a more transparent, collaborative and productive IP/innovation ecosystem in India. The deadline for applying for the ‘Research Fellow’ position is February 10, 2018. So apply away and become our new SpicyIP Fellow or SpicyIP Research Fellow!

Look forward to an enthusiastic response!

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