Hear from our Fellows 2016-17!

Wondering if it’s worth applying for the SpicyIP Fellowship? Hear from our current batch of Fellows on their experience so far. Their words are sure to dispel all your doubts. Here’s what they’ve to say:

Balu Nair

“When I ponder about that one defining factor that makes the SpicyIP fellowship extremely special for me, a thousand things come running to my mind, ranging from the enormous learning that comes with writing each post to the massive readership one’s posts elicit. But, upon digging a little deeper, I discover that one factor, which towers above the rest- the constant guidance and encouragement from the SpicyIP team to discover the magic within you as a writer.  As someone who started off writing on the blog with serious doubts about keeping up to the lofty standards that the blog is known for, especially given that I have a full-time job, any self -doubt was quickly dispelled by the wonderful team at SpicyIP, who I could always fall back upon for clarification of any doubts or to get some fresh ideas. While blogging on legal topics can sound like a dreary exercise, blogging for SpicyIP has been anything but that. The blog throws up the opportunity to tackle a wide variety of topics, ranging from the supremely serious to the whimsically witty. This rich experience has enabled me to discover a much refined writer within myself, who could now attempt to take on the rigours of addressing any heavy-duty IP topics.

It must definitely be much more than a mere co-incidence that I am writing my fellowship experience on the Valentine’s Day; for this is a love-affair, which has been truly special!” 

Rahul Bajaj

“I think I would not be exaggerating when I say that the SpicyIP fellowship has been one of the most transformative, intellectually stimulating and edifying experiences of my student life.This fellowship not only provides you an unparalleled opportunity to reflect on the most significant developments in the realm of intellectual property law in India and beyond but also allows you to hear from, and engage in conversation with, some of India’s leading IP thinkers and commentators. While the fellowship is doubtless very demanding, inasmuch as you are required to articulate your views on subjects that are often very complex in a coherent, lucid and succinct fashion, it all seems worth the effort when your posts are praised by IP doyens

So to all IP enthusiasts who are on the lookout for opportunities to hone their writing skills and acquire a nuanced appreciation of the principles and policies that inform the working of intellectual property law, all I would say is this: You would be hard pressed to find any opportunity quite like this!”

Inika Charles

“Being part of the SpicyIP team has been the best learning experience I could have ever hoped for. While applying for the Fellowship a year ago, I didn’t realize just how much was in store. Not only does SpicyIP give you a platform for your work, the mentorship and guidance from senior members of the team is invaluable. The blog gives you the freedom to select topics to write on, as well as encourages individual opinion – which is something I really appreciate. Moreover, the exposure that the blog gives you, along with the opportunity to present your views to IP enthusiasts all over the world is an opportunity like no other.” 

You may also read what our previous batches of Fellows had to say about their Fellowship experience here and here.

The applications for the 5th SpicyIP Fellowship are now open and will close on March 10, 2017. So apply away and become our new SpicyIP Fellow!

Look forward to an enthusiastic response!

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  1. Harshavardhan Ganesan

    Although not a Spicy IP “fellow”, as a guest blogger, I can attest to the fact that working with the SpicyIP team is an enlightening experience. Apart from everything else that the fellows have said, there aren’t many places where you would get access to the highest quality of intellectual discourse, and seeing your work get the traction it deserves, from law review articles to HC judgments. This is definitely an opportunity that is not to be missed!


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