Hear from our Fellows 2018-19!

Wondering if it’s worth applying for the SpicyIP Fellowship? Hear from our current batch of Fellows on their experience so far. Their words are sure to dispel all your doubts. Here’s what they’ve to say:

Prarthana Patnaik

I first heard about SpicyIP when my seniors were discussing a few IP law issues and how a certain blog post had cleared all their doubts. It piqued my interest and I checked out the blog-I couldn’t stop reading! I was fascinated by the way complex legal issues could be broken down into such simple terms and explained in a such an interesting (and often quirky) manner. Later on, when I decided to hone my writing and research skills, I couldn’t think of a better platform than SpicyIP.

When I started posting as a SpicyIP Fellow and took up a few challenging topics, I began to appreciate the amount of hard work and research one needs to put in for producing such posts. Apart from boosting my analytical skills and being intellectually enriching, the Fellowship also gave me the opportunity to connect with a team of brilliant and dedicated professionals who were always willing to listen to my opinions and clarify my doubts. It was also very humbling to know that my posts were read by a large audience and it was quite helpful to receive their inputs on a number of occasions. 

For those who love writing and are interested in IP law-do apply! This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and learn from the best.

Rishabh Mohnot

I joined SpicyIP with a keen interest in intellectual property rights and a drive to explore its vast terrain. I am happy to say that my experience at this Fellowship has allowed me to do this. Firstly, it has improved my academic knowledge and understanding of IPR and even encouraged me to read more about non-mainstream IPRs. Second, it has enriched my appreciation of the real-life impact that IPR decisions and policies have on different areas of society. Consistently writing for SpicyIP has also improved the clarity of my thought when dealing with different issues. Further, the mentorship at SpicyIP enables one to explore different topics, improve writing skills, appreciate the importance of good research and add different perspectives to their thought and posts. I would highly recommend this fellowship to all those who are interested in intellectual property rights and enjoy writing.

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The applications for the 7th SpicyIP Fellowship are now open and will close on July 15, 2019. So apply away and become our new SpicyIP Fellow!

Look forward to an enthusiastic response!

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