Covid-19 & IP Updates

Even if WTO waives IP on vaccines, India will face challenge translating this into mass production | Scroll. in | June 1, 2021
Russian court rejects U.S firm’s lawsuit over COVID-19 drug remdesivir | Reuters | May 28, 2021
Compulsory licensing for Covid vaccines not very attractive option; tech transfer is the key: Govt | The Times of India | May 27, 2021
Russia ships remdesivir drug to India as part of humanitarian aid | Reuters | May 25, 2021
COVID-19 drug Baricitinib: Eli Lilly signs voluntary licensing agreement with Natco Pharma | Money Control | May 17, 2021
India to seek US support on global patent waivers for more Covid gear | Economic Times | May 17, 2021
Patent waiver: India, US seek to rope in others | The Times of India | May 15, 2021
Covid vaccine patents can be waived without hurting firms like Bharat Biotech. Here’s how | The Print | May 14, 2021
Compulsion for Compulsory Licenses for Covid Vaccines Climbs: But Are They the Cure? | SpicyIP | May 14
Why is India calling for a global vaccine patent waiver, but against discussing one at home? | | May 13, 2021
Covid-19 Pandemic Calls for Early Relaxations on IPRs | The Leaflet | May 13, 2021
Bharat Biotech ready to share Covaxin formula with other manufacturers: Centre | Mint | May 13, 2021
On Covid patents waiver, health cannot be held hostage to profit | The Indian Express | May 13, 2021
Govt should issue compulsory licenses to boost covid drugs production: IDMA | Mint | May 13, 2021
China supports talks on intellectual property waiver for Covid-19 vaccines | Hindustan Times | May 13, 2021
Need quick consensus on vaccine patent waiver, transfer of tech to overcome COVID crisis: Piyush ? | The Economic Times | May 12, 2021
As Indian government offers some answers on Covaxin patent rights, more questions emerge | | May 12, 2021
Bolivia seeks to import COVID-19 vaccines from Biolyse, if Canada grants them a compulsory license | Knowledge Ecology International | May 11, 2021
A WTO patent waiver on vaccines and technology could be the game changer in Covid-19 battle | | May 11, 2021
PIL In Kerala High Court Seeks Compulsory Licensing Of Covid Vaccines | LiveLaw | May 11, 2021
A TRIPS waiver is useful but not a magic pill | The Hindu | May 10, 2021
Eli Lilly inks pacts for Baricitinib with Sun Pharma, Cipla, Lupin for COVID-19 treatment in India | The Economic Times | May 10, 2021
Pharma companies driving policy led to vaccine apartheid: Mohga Kamal-Yanni | The Caravan | May 9, 2021
What would a WTO intellectual property waiver on Covid-19 vaccines mean for India? | | May 9, 2021
Patent Waiver as the New Pandemic Normal: India’s Key Role in an Emerging Global Consensus | Observer Research Foundation | May 9, 2021
Bombay HC Rejects Injunction Plea in Passing Off Action against Serum Institute of India for the ‘Covishield’ Mark | SpicyIP | May 6, 2021
In Major Turnaround, US Announces Support for IP Waiver of Covid Vaccines | SpicyIP | May 6, 2021
Delhi HC Issues Order on Tocilizumab Shortage, Seeks Patent Working Information from Roche | SpicyIP | May 5, 2021
Natco Files Compulsory Licence Application for Covid Drug Baricitinib | SpicyIP | May 5, 2021
SC Issues Interim Order in Suo Motu COVID-19 Case: Raises Questions on Vaccine Procurement Process, Compulsory Licensing and More | SpicyIP | May 4, 2021
Natco to request for compulsory license for Baricitinib for Covid-19 treatment | Hindu Business Line | May 3, 2021
Compulsory License under Patent and Competition Law to Ensure Vaccine Equity | Observer Research Foundation | May 3, 2021
ICMR to get royalty from Covaxin sale | The Hindu | May 3, 2021
Cap Covid-19 medicines, vax prices, issue compulsory license to scale up output: RSS-affiliate SJM to govt | Economic Times | May 2, 2021
Supreme Court Weighs in on the Crisis: Vaccine Price Equity, Compulsory Licensing and Free Speech Online | SpicyIP | May 2, 2021
Tech Mahindra, Reagene to file patent for coronavirus attacking molecule | Business Standard | May 2, 2021
India, South Africa to make fresh push for waiver of vaccine patents at WTO | Hindustan Times | May 1, 2021
Politics, pharma, patent, profit or the people of India? A case for compulsory licensing | Bar & Bench | May 1, 2021
Bombay HC orders Centre to include Remdesivir in list of scheduled drugs | The Hindu | May 1, 2021
Grateful to SC for raising issues of vaccine prices, compulsory licensing to vaccine makers: Chidambaram | The New India Express | April 30, 2021
Brazil Senate votes to suspend patent protection on Covid-19 vaccines |  Reuters | April 30, 2021
Plea In SC Seeks Authorisation For Use Of Remdesivir, Favipiravir and Tocilizumab For Govt. Purposes And/Or Grant Compulsory Licenses For Their Patent | LiveLaw | April 29, 2021
How Covid-19 vaccination can be accelerated globally without suspending intellectual property rights | | April 28, 2021
White House considering intellectual property waiver for COVID-19 vaccines | Reuters | April 28, 2021
WTO IP waiver too simplistic: Global vaccine tech-transfer needs other strategies | Express Pharma | April 28, 2021
Russian firm awaits government approval to ship Remdesivir to India | Reuters | April 27, 2021
Coronavirus treatment: 5 Indian firms in licensing pact with Merck for Covid-19 oral drug | Mint | April 27, 2021
Innovative anti-Covid face shield gets patent | The New India Express | April 27, 2021
Now is not the time to hanker for patents. WTO must waive IP rights on Covid vaccines | The Print | April 26, 2021
A Recipe for Disaster: Export Bans, TRIPS Waiver and Hyper Nationalism | SpicyIP | April 25, 2021

TRIPS meet: India, S Africa to rework patent proposal | Times of India | April 23, 2021

Compulsory License for Covid Drugs on the Table, Says Delhi High Court | SpicyIP | April 21, 2021
No restraining SII from using Covishield name for vaccine against COVID-19: Bombay HC | The New India Express | April 20
In India, Covid-19 Vaccines Face A More Urgent Problem Than IPR | BloombergQuint | April 20, 2021
Manmohan to PM Modi: Make vaccine orders public, give states flexibility | The Indian Express | April 19, 2021
The world needs a patent waiver on Covid vaccines. Why is the UK Blocking It? | The Guardian | April 19, 2021
Covid vaccine patent waiver need of the hour | The New India Express | April 19, 2021
IIT-Madras faculty, researchers file for nine patents related to Covid-19 | The Times of India | April 19, 2021
Health activists seek price caps; urge swift action from govt to improve access of Remdesivir | The Times of India | April 17, 2021
Seven pharma firms slash prices of Remdesivir after govt intervention | Hindustan Times | April 18, 2021
Indian Govt. Permits Manufacture of Covaxin by Haffkine Institute – But Why Not Others Too? | SpicyIP | April 16, 2021
Remdesivir Shortage: Can the Drug be Imported under Patents Act? | April 15, 2021
Scaling up vaccine production | The Hindu | April 12, 2021
A sliver lining in anti-Covid fight | The Times of India | January 8, 2021
Tenability of Passing Off Action against ‘Covishield’ Vaccine of Serum Institute of India | SpicyIP | January 3, 2021
India on TRIPS Waiver: Will WTO Pass the Test of Humanity? | SpicyIP | December 20
Vaccinating Billions Means Finding Ways Around a Patent Impasse | BloombergQuint | December 16
Rich nations refuse to waive IP rights on Covid-19 vaccines at WTO | Times of India | December 12
Patent-free COVID-19 vaccines: Bangladesh Nobel Laureate Yunus’ petition gets a million signatures | South Asia Monitor | December 12
Hyderabad-based Natco Pharma wants to make Eli Lilly’s Covid drug | Economic Times | December 11
WTO delays decision on waiver on COVID-19 drug, vaccine rights | CNA | December 11
India seeks Switzerland’s support for TRIPS waiver for easy access to Covid-19 vaccines | Economic Times | December 8
Want Vaccines Fast? Suspend Intellectual Property Rights | The New York Times | December 7
Hope, IPR Laws, And A Covid-19 Vaccine | BloombergQuint | December 6
Jamia Millia Islamia researchers invent solar-powered disinfection tunnel to prevent Covid-19 | India Today | December 4
Price of Remdesivir injection fixed at Rs 2,360 in Maharashtra | The New India Express | December 4
COVID-19 Vaccines: Patent Ownership and the Barriers to Equitable Access | SpicyIP | December 2
India’s Covid Vaccine TRIPs Somewhere Between Doha And Riyadh | BloombergQuint | December 1
EU seeks to bypass patents to boost drugs access in crises | Reuters | November 25
Interview: Why Covid-19 vaccines should be a global public good and not be hoarded by rich countries | | November 25
There Will Be a Price to Pay for Making Vaccines Too Expensive | BloombergQuint | November 24
The COVID-19 Vaccine Must Be Universally Available. Anything Less Is Immoral. | The Wire | November 23
Hackers ‘try to steal Covid vaccine secrets in intellectual property war’ | The Gaurdian | November 22
Patent battles could choke coronavirus drugs pipeline: Carlos Correa | Business Standard | November 21
China, Pakistan support India’s call for patent-free Covid-19 vaccine at WTO; US, EU oppose | Deccan Herald | November 21
Wealthy countries block COVID-19 drugs rights waiver at WTO – sources | Reuters | November 20
UK faces calls to drop opposition to patent-free Covid vaccines | The Guardian | November 19
Public Health Association of Australia urges Australian Government to support India and South Africa’s proposal for Covid-19 TRIPS waiver  | November 13
Covid-19 vaccine will benefit humanity – we should all own the patent | The Guardian | November 12, 2020
Major generic makers will partner with Medicines Patent Pool to pursue voluntary licenses for Covid-19 drugs | STAT | November 11
COVID-19: The world needs to back India and South Africa’s call to remove TRIPS hurdles | The Caravan | November 16
100 changeovers in 18 mins, PGI says PPE station ‘patent-worthy’ | The Times of India | November 14
The Covid vaccine will benefit humanity – we should all own the patent | The Gaurdian | November 12
Russian firm seeks compulsory license for producing Remdesivir | Reuters | November 2
Suspend international IP, patent obligations on Covid-19 vaccines | Hindustan Times | October 26
A matter of life and death’: Why a Brazilian lawmaker wants compulsory licensing for Covid-19 products | October 22
Patent-Related Actions Taken in WTO Members in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic | WTO | October 21
Wishful Thinking? Analyzing India and South Africa’s Joint Statement to Waive Key Provisions of TRIPS – Part II | SpicyIP | October 21
Wishful Thinking? Analyzing India and South Africa’s Joint Statement to Waive Key Provisions of TRIPS – Part I | SpicyIP | October 21
India’s proposal against covid vaccine nationalism gets WHO backing | LiveMint | October 18
Safeguarding the World’s Response to COVID-19 from the Intellectual Property Police | The Wire | October 17
New WTO report looks at the global intellectual property system and COVID-19 | WTO | October 15
Waive off intellectual property rights on COVID-19 medicines, vaccines: 379 NGOs tell WTO | Business Today | October 15
COVID-19 Crisis and WTO: Why India and South Africa’s Proposal on Intellectual Property is Important | The Wire | October 12
Umbrellas to helmets that fight COVID-19! Indian researchers rush to patent their innovations | Business Today | October 9
U.S. Patent Boss Says No Evidence Of Patents Holding Back COVID Treatments, Days Before Pharma Firms Prove He’s Wrong | TechDirt | October 9
Moderna vows not to enforce Covid-19 patents, but advocates say IP should be given to WHO | STAT | October 8
RSS Affiliate SJM urges PM Modi to cancel Gilead’s patent on COVID-19 drug Remdesivir | Business Today | October 7 
14-year-old Pune teen makes and obtains patent for sanitiser kit for sterilising groceries | The Indian Express | October 6
India, S. Africa move WTO on COVID-19 prevention, treatment | Business Line | October 3
The Public Interest Defence, and the Public Interest Offence – What Is The Way Forward In This Pandemic? | SpicyIP | September 30
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office head says no evidence that patents holding back COVID treatments | Law360 | September 29
Patent and Patient Rights in COVID-19: Is the Right to Exclusivity a Hamlet Question? | South Centre | September 28
Hyderabad-based CSIR validates rural innovator’s technology to kill coronavirus | The Indian Express | September 15
Hyderabad-based Saptagir partners with Jubliant Generics to manufacture antiviral drug Remdesivir | India Today | September 14
The National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) launches its patent protected low-cost Covid-19 treatment equipment (breathable PPE) NavRakshak | Deccan Chronicle | September 14
PNB Vesper Life Sciences’ new patented drug gets approval for mid-stage trial | Financial Express | September 13
When Covid-19 Shuttered Cinema Halls!: Should Producers Share Royalties from OTT Release of Films? | SpicyIP | September 11
IIT-Guwahati team develops and files for a patent for self-check kiosk to detect, prevent COVID-19 | Down to Earth | September 9
Innovative quarantine inventions: Woman modifies her gym cycle to grind flour while exercising | Times of India | September 5
Bengaluru based doctors develop and are in the process of applying for a patent for in-tube assay for the assessment of specific T cell immune responses to stimulation by novel coronavirus | Times Now News | September 2
US is probing Moderna’s patents over its failure to disclose govt funding | The Print | August 30
Moderna failed to disclose federal support in vaccine patents, researchers say | The Washington Post | August 28
SC favors Patanjali Ayurved in trademark dispute, allows using term ‘Coronil’ | Hindustan Times | August 27
ITI Behrampur files for a patent for three innovations, namely, Robo warrior, UVC Sole Sanitizer, and mobile swab collection kiosk | The New India Express | August 22
Make COVID-19 vaccine available to all sans patent protection: Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus | The New India Express | August 18
China grants its first covid vaccine patent to CanSino | Livemint | August 17
Madras HC Division Bench issues an interim stay on the order restraining Patanjali Ayurved from using mark ‘Coronil’ for its immunity booster tablet | Bar & Bench | August 14
Bangalore start-up IShield develops a fabric, using which it has made an affordable self-disinfecting mask that is effective against coronavirus; files patent for the process of using the molecule on a fabric, making it disinfect the virus | The Economic Times | August 14
Zydus Cadila launches Remdesivir at cheapest rates in India | Financial Express | August 13
The Vaccine Scramble Is Also a Scramble for Patents | Bloomberg | August 12
Moderna says uncertain about coronavirus vaccine patent exclusivity | Reuters | August 11
Surat techie refuses to patent the infrared-based touch-free panel for lifts invented by him | The Print | August 10
Madras HC Restrains Patanjali from Using Trademark ‘Coronil’ for Its Immunity Booster Tablet | SpicyIP | August 6
Fluid Trademarks: An Alter Ego for Brands? | SpicyIP | August 7
Covid boosts innovation: Indore tops trademark, patent applications in Madhya Pradesh | Times of India | August 3
‘Suspend patents on Covid-19 drugs in India to ensure  accessibility & affordability’ | Times of India | July 27
New technology for COVID-19 rapid testing developed by IIT Kharagpur, to cost just Rs 400 | Financial Express | July 25
Countries Are Adapting Intellectual Property Laws to Prioritise Health During COVID-19 | The Wire | July 24
Patanjali moves Madras HC to vacate injunction on ‘Coronil | The Hindu | July 23
The world needs a ‘people’s vaccine’ for coronavirus, not a big-pharma monopoly | The Guardian | July 23
Jubilant Generics gets DCGI nod to manufacture COVID-19 drug Remdesivir | Deccan Chronicle | July 21
Police arrest 14 in Mumbai, Hyderabad for black-marketing covid drug | Live Mint | July 20
Could the coronavirus lead to a reassessment of vaccine patent laws?| The Week | July 19
Madras HC Restrains Patanjali From Using Trademark ‘Coronil’ | The Wire | July 18
CSIR suggests cap on remdesivir price | Times of India | July 17
Compulsory licensing amid the Covid-19 pandemic | The Daily Guardian | July 17
Russian spies target Covid-19 vaccine research | BBC | July 16
When a Covid-19 vaccine is discovered, will it be freely available and be affordable to all? | | July 15
European Parliament backs WHO effort to create a Covid-19 technology access pool | STAT | July 13
Glenmark Pharma drops price of Covid-19 drug Favipiravir to Rs 75/tablet | Hindustan Times | July 13
Covid-19 pandemic and online education: An overview of the potential copyright challenges | Times Now News | July 10
Doors closed, library to opens online access | Times of India | July 10
IIIT-B to make open source a new ventilator design that it has been developing along with a startup | Financial Express | July 10
‘Increased demand and limited supply’: Delhi faces shortage of experimental antiviral drug Remdesivir | Times Now | July 9
Compulsory licensing of remdesivir a feasible option? | Market Express | July 9
BSDU students develop a 3-in-1 Covid safety device; Patent office publishes the patent | The Tribune | July 9
Hyderabad firm Ven Energy Processors develops and files a patent for ‘Disinfectant Dry Fog C-Gate’ | The New Indian Express | July 8
Tamil Nadu-based Siddha practitioner develops and files a patent for ‘IMPRO’ medicine claiming that it can cure COVID-19 | Business Insider | July 7
Chennai based company develops and patents a device ‘to bridge gap between COVID-19 patients and healthcare staff | ANI | July 7
CPI(M) calls upon the Government to issue a compulsory license for Remdesivir under Section 92 of the Patents Act | The Week | July 5
A team based in Goa makes and files a patent for ‘Multi-Mask’, a product that combines the mask and the face shield and offers several other advantages | Herald | July 5
Nationalism, Drugs and Public Interest – Remdesivir and Beyond | SpicyIP | July 4
Will India Get Impacted By US Buying ‘All’ of Remdesivir Supply? | The Quint | July 3
Health experts slam US mass purchase of licensed virus drug for Covid-19 | Business Standard | July 2
IIT Roorkee researchers develop and file a patent for sterilizing system for disinfecting personal belongings against coronavirus | Hindustan Times | July 2
IIT alumnus creates and patents deodorant-cum-sanitizer which keeps coronavirus away and also smells good | Business Insider | July 2
After Cipla and Hetero, Mylan gets govt nod to make Remdesivir for Coronavirus treatment | Financial Express | July 2
How secret deals could keep a COVID-19 drug out of reach for millions | Los Angeles Times | July 1
Scrambling for unavailable Remdesivir, desperate patients in India turned to Bangladesh | The Caravan | June 29
Gilead prices its Covid-19 drug candidate remdesivir at $2,340 per patient | Hindustan Times | June 29
To Mock the Corona Word: Disparaging During the Time of Crisis | SpicyIP | June 28
Intersection Of Artificial Intelligence, Copyright And COVID | Live Law | June 25
Don’t ask for source code: Govt’s new rules could leave devices more vulnerable | Business Express | June 25
A statement by Indian civil society including health rights activists, grassroots activists and lawyers, asserts the need for open innovation and knowledge sharing for COVID-19 healthcare through Indian IP laws | The Leaflet | June 24
Delhi HC Restrains Publication Of Advertisements Linking ‘Corona Beer’ With ‘Coronavirus’ | Live Law | June 23
Patent pooling, a Covid success story | Business Line | June 23
Office of CGPDTM notifies that public notice dated May 20 is withdrawn and due date for filing etc. shall be the date as decided by the Delhi HC; Copyright Office notifies the same | June 19
Delhi HC extends operation of its interim order dated May 21 whereby it stayed IP Office’s public notices issued on May 18 and May 20 with respect to due dates for filings etc. | June 17
Bombay High Court extends life of interim orders, stay orders in eviction matters until July 15 | Bar and Bench | June 17
IIT researcher to file a patent for an AI-powered cheap COVID-19 testing kit developed by him | LiveMint | June 17
Compulsory licensing in COVID-19: Does it differ from the global HIV/AIDS pandemic? | Times Now | June 16
Jadavpur University files for a patent for a low-cost intelligent cough and speech sensing device for COVID-19 | Campus Varta | June 16
IIT innovations ready to hit commercial market to fight COVID-19 | Press Trust of India | June 15 
India’s Zydus Cadilla signs pact with Gilead Sciences to make antiviral drug Remdesivir | News18 | June 12
Fake Amul, Swiggy, Nike masks hit the market | The Economic Times | June 11
Delhi High Court grants temporary injunction restraining a textile company from selling face masks having the registered trademark of Tommy Hilfiger | Live Law | June 10
Arvind Ltd to make anti viral fabric and garments in India using a patent pending technology developed by HeiQ Viroblock | Livemint | June 10
Patents for Pharmaceutical Innovation – Basic Concerns | SpicyIP | June 9
Maharashtra Govt decides to import generic version of Gilead’s Remdesivir from Bangladesh drug maker Eskayef Pharmaceuticals | Money Control | June 8
Researchers at IIT-Hyderabad develop low-cost test kit that can detect COVID-19 within 20 minutes | The Times of India | June 6
Indian licensees free to price Remdesivir: Gilead | The Economic Times | June 4
Real-Time Piracy Concerns Emerge as Live Music Streaming Goes Mainstream in Wake of COVID-19 | SpicyIP | June 4
Researchers at Delhi’s Hansraj College develop anti-Covid molecule, tie-up with UK-based company for clinical trials | The Times of India | June 2
Drug giant AstraZeneca urged to make vaccine patent-free | Independent | June 3
CDSCO approves use of Remdesivir for treatment of suspected or laboratory-confirmed cases of Covid-19 in adults and children hospitalised “with severe disease” | The Indian Express | June 2
India advocates in favor of the flexibilities offered under the TRIPS Agreement to effectuate access to medicines and vaccines required to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the General Council Meeting of the WTO  | The Economic Times | June 1
Two IIT-B startups file a patent for temperature sensors to detect Covid suspects in a crowd | Hindustan Times | June 1
Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences files a patent for a cheap rapid COVID-19 detection kit | Outlook | June 1
APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University files a patent for a multi-purpose robot capable of sanitizing, delivering food and medicines, thermally scanning patients, among other things | The Week | May 30
Pharma leaders shoot down WHO voluntary pool for patent rights on Covid-19 products | STAT | May 29
Lovely Professional University files a patent for a new algae-based respirator that may help people wearing masks breath easy | The Economic Times | May 29
BDR Pharma seeks DCGI’s approval to manufacture and sell the generic version of Remdesivir without entering into a licensing agreement; Gilead approaches Govt | Economic Times | May 28
Govt makes the Android version of its contact tracing app Aarogya Setu open source | The Indian Express | May 27
Are Patent Pools an Effective Solution to COVID-19’s IP Barriers? | SpicyIP | May 26
Self-taught engineer from Nashik innovates and files a patent for a tractor-mounted sanitisation sprayer | The New India Express | May 26
COVID-19 Response: India Should Use The Security Exception Under The TRIPS Agreement | Live Law | May 26
Needed: A fellowship of countries to fight Covid-19 | Hindustan Times | May 26
SpicyIP Tidbit: Reverse Engineering of Aarogya Setu App Not Prohibited Anymore | SpicyIP | May 25
Copyright Office extends due dates for filings etc. for a duration of 15 days after the lifting of lockdown | Copyright Office | May 22
IP Office informs that all show cause hearings fixed till 31 May 2020 are adjourned till further order | Office of CGPDTM | May 22
Dilemma for doctors as Roche’s experimental drug for Covid-19 is ‘life-saver’ but too costly | The Economic Times | May 21
Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Change the IP Domain for the Better? | The Wire | May 21
Patent Office issues a public notice concerning submission of documents for a petition filed under Rule 6(6) of the Patent Rules | Patent Office | May 20
Patent Agent Examination has been postponed till further notice | Office of CGPDTM | May 19
Fact Checking the Fact Check: Is Circulation of Free E-Newspapers Permitted under Copyright Law? | SpicyIP | May 19
Tripura University’s assistant professor to file a patent for a robot meant to help in the fight against COVID-19 | Hindustan Times | May 19
IP Office extends timelines for filings, fee payments etc. to June 1 | Office of CGPDTM | May 18
Senior lawyers to urge Bombay HC Chief Justice to resume physical hearings | The Indian Express | May 18
US and UK ‘lead push against global patent pool for Covid-19 drugs’ | The Guardian | May 17
CAMD-India and Third World Network (India) write to DIPP urging revocation of Gilead’s patents for Remdesivir | TWN | May 15
WHO and Costa Rica preview technology pooling initiative to ensure access to COVID-19 health products for all | WHO | May 15
G20 meet: India proposes pact to use TRIPS flexibilities for access to cheap medicines | Hindu Business Line | May 15
Kerala supports Open Covid Movement | The New India Express | May 15
Affordable access to Covid-19 drugs: Are voluntary patent licences here to stay? | The Economic Times | May 15
World Leaders, Experts Sign Unprecedented Letter Urging Govts to Back Free COVID Vaccine, Treatments | The Wire | May 14
Health groups ask India to rescind Gilead’s patents for COVID-19 drug Remdesivir | Reuters | May 14
Defence Ministry patents low-cost PPE developed by Navy to move towards its mass production | The New Indian Express | May 14
Gilead gives royalty-free licences for Remdesivir to Cipla, Jubilant Life, three others | LiveMint | May 13
World Health Assembly draft resolution boosts access to Covid-19 medicines | STAT | May 13
Contouring IPR and service sector regulation against COVID-19| Medianama | May 13
WIPO launches COVID-19 IP Policy Tracker | WIPO 
IPAB notifies procedure for e-filing of cases until further orders | IPAB | May 12
Delhi HC suspends operation of IP Office’s public notice dated May 4 whereby the deadline for filings, payments and completion of other acts was extended till May 18 | May 12
IPAB notifies procedure to be followed on hearing of cases through video conferencing | IPAB | May 11
IPAB notifies that it will conduct hearings only through video-conferencing; allows only e-filing of urgent cases till further orders | IPAB | May 8
IPAB addresses the IP legal fraternity and assures start of hearings through video conferencing | Lex Orbis | May 8
Gilead in talks with generic drugmakers for development of remdesivir in India | The Indian Express | May 7
A nanotech company files patent for a device called ‘CoronaOven’ that disinfects anything placed inside including groceries | Indian Express | May 7
Who can make Gilead’s coronavirus drug, licence free? | LiveMint | May 6
Covid 19 pandemic, patents and licensing models: The need for a balanced approach | Times Now | May 5
IP Offices functional at reduced capacity, but deadlines extended till May 18 | Office of CGPDTM | May 4
Coronavirus funding pledges must require vaccine to be patent-free, campaigners say | Global Justice | May 4
Justice Pratibha Singh of the Delhi HC argues for the urgent need for creation of a patent pool to tackle COVID-19 | The Hindu | May 1
A Kerala Institute files for a patent for a plant extraction’s effective anti-virus property, which is dubbed to fight COVID-19 | The Indian Express | April 30
A Hyderabad-based company applies for a patent for a first-of-its-kind immunoglobulin Covid-19 injection | The New India Express | April 30
The Legality of Digital Libraries in a Lockdown | SpicyIP | April 29
BananaIP announces that it will file free patent applications for inventors who adopt the Open COVID pledge | BananaIP | April 29
Govt doesn’t plan to grant compulsory license for Remdesivir; hopes for voluntary licensing by Gilead | LiveMint | April 28
Researchers at Noida university file patent for a molecule with potential to treat COVID-19 | The Week | April 28
Affordable test methods to drones: Institutions take the innovation route to aid COVID-19 fight | Business Standard | April 28
India should leverage its HCQ diplomacy with the US & its Patent Law strengths | Business Line | April 25
Govt urged to revoke patent for Gilead’s potential anti COVID-19 drug Remdesivir | SpicyIP | April 24
IIT professor develops software to detect COVID-19 within 5 seconds using X-ray scan | Economic Times | April 24
Publishers warn of copyright action against circulation of PDF files of Assamese classics, an emerging trend during the lockdown. | The Telegraph | April 24
To tackle the corona crisis, enable and bring together innovative research on a common intellectual property platform | The Times of India | April 23 
TFORD-COVID19 publishes its summary assessments of patent barriers in India to drug candidates for COVID-19 | April 22
Amazon, IBM, Microsoft to make patents available for free to fight COVID-19 | The Times of India | April 21
Deputy Controllers and  other senior officers at Delhi Patent Office resume attending office | Patent Office | April 20
Gilead likely to voluntarily grant licence to Indian companies to manufacture generic versions of its potential anti-COVID (patented) drug Remdesivir | Business Today | April 20
LPU files patent for a portable UV racket that can disinfect surfaces just by waving it on them | Business Line | April 18
CovEducation, Copyright and Fair Use in India | SpicyIP | April 17
Extension of deadlines for IP filings in India – contradiction between the IP Office notices and the Supreme Court’s order? | Abhilasha Nautiyal | April 17
Serum Institute says it’s not going to patent the vaccine it is developing for COVID-19 | Deccan Herald | April 17
Anna University files patent for a hand sanitizer that can eliminate the genetic material of coronavirus | The Times of India | April 17
Dr Reddy’s denies reports of being in early stages of making a generic version of Gilead’s patented anti-COVID-19 drug Remedesivir | Business Standard | April 16
Bombay HC extends interim orders till June 15 | Economic Times | April 16
Last date to register for Patent Agent Exam 2020 extended to May 4 | Office of CGPDTM | April 15
IP Offices physically closed, hearings adjourned and deadlines extended till May 3 but e-filing services remain available | Office of CGPDTM | April 15
CSIR issues Technology and IP guidelines for COVID-19 related technologies/products developed by CSIR Labs | CSIR | April 14
Brazilian lawmakers propose compulsory licensing for Covid-19 products | STAT | April 13
Cancer Patients Aid Association urges Health Ministry to revoke patent on potential anti-COVID19 drug Remdesivir | The Hindu | April 13
CII-Telangana moots COVID Innovation and IP Pool | The Hindu | April 13
Northern Railway contemplates applying for a patent for the design of the isolation coach prepared | The Indian Express | April 7
Will intellectual property be a hurdle in India’s fight against COVID-19? | Business Today | April 5
Online teaching during pandemic raises copyright concerns | Bloomberg Law | April 3
Corona and trademarks: Opportunistic marketing or unhealthy opportunism? | SpicyIP | April 1
BHU researchers file for a patent for a new COVID-19 test kit invented by them | India Today | March 31
CoViD-19 Pandemic Spurs Calls for ‘Openness’ in IP | SpicyIP | March 31
Invoking fundamental right to health to push Govt to use patent law levers to ensure access to medical devices | SpicyIP | March 29
Potential anti-COVID-19 drugs have patents barrier in India | The Wire | March 29
India’s first Covid-19 IP dispute? Dettol handwash ad claimed to disparage lifebuoy soap trademark | SpicyIP | March 28
Johns Hopkins University says that it didn’t authorize use of its logo on a report titled ‘Covid19 for India Updates’ | LiveMint | March 28
Canada enacts a law that would make it faster to issue compulsory licenses for medical products in case of a public health emergency | Jurist | March 27
The need for an IP Policy to build a strategic stockpile for pandemics | SpicyIP | March 26
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